New Members

New Members iconWe extend a warm welcome to all our new members.

You are at the right place to start exploring some of what Reigate Beekeepers has to offer.

Please browse this Members Website (the content of which is hidden from search engines like Google).

For guidance on navigating around the site, click here and/or watch the short video guide by clicking here. You can also visit our separate website for members of the public by clicking this link

The ‘Knowledge Base’ which we have just started to build, is an important source of reference about beekeeping with practical advice about what we believe is the best way to be a successful beekeeper.

The ‘Library’ includes both details of how you can borrow books from our extensive list of beekeeping books, and has past copies of our magazine called BeeNews which has been widely praised. Published on the 1st of each month, new editions of BeeNewsare able to be accessed via this website, to read on-line, to print,  or perhaps to save onto your computer.

Browsing other parts of the site, particularly those sections in the lower menu bar will provide you with some of the latest beekeeping news, and keep you abreast of Reigate Beekeepers activities.

If you have joined us during the summer please come along and join our weekly evening practical training activities at our Henfold Copse apiary. If you have joined during the winter please see our events news for details of our monthly evening meetings, or enrol for our beginners course.

For those who are participating in our practical training groups, the ‘Education’ section provides essential reading.

If you want to discuss any aspect of beekeeping or anything about Reigate Beekeepers please see the ‘Who’s Who’ list also under the ‘Membership’ tab for the appropriate person and how to contact them.

Also see the ‘Benefits’ section for a summary of the benefits of being a Reigate Beekeepers member.

The following are some of our new (during 2013) members

So far this year we have over twenty five new members, and as the Henfold Copse Apiary season continues we hope others will join us.

  • Louise Beechey from Redhill
  • Geoff Blay from Reigate
  • Mollie Bonard from Wallingham
  • Clive Elcombe from Walton-on-the-Hill
  • Becky Hopper from Coldharbour, Dorking
  • Gill Sentinella from Horley
  • Leslie Thacker from Hookwood
  • Oliver Watt from Dorking

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