Members Network – facebook group


facebook-iconFor Members who are Facebook users, the ‘Reigate Beekeepers Members Network’ group (formally known as the Reigate Beekeepers Members Forum) is provided to facilitate the sharing of members own news, views, their questions and maybe even some answers.

Intended to be complimentary to BeeNews and this websites content, this forum provides an opportunity for members to exchange comments and suggestions, strictly within the community of Reigate Beekeepers’ membership.

Already a group member? Click the ‘RBKA Members Network’ link listed in your Groups.

  • Want to share your beekeeping experiences with other Members?
  • Could use some help from a Member nearby?
  • Looking for advice about some aspect of your beekeeping?
  • Can’t find that answer (yet) on the Members website?

The Members Network will only be visible to Reigate Beekeepers members with Facebook profiles, who are invited to become a Member of the group by a Forum Administrator. The administration role is held jointly by Jim Cooper and Gil Barker

To get yourself enrolled, contact Jim and Gill by first simply entering and submitting this info …

… an invitation to join the Members Forum group will then be sent to your Facebook account.

… accept the invitation and await confirmation via your Facebook account of your acceptance by the Administrators.

Allow a day or two for that confirmation.

You should then find the RBKA Members Network listed in the left hand column of your Facebook Home page under Groups. One click and you’re in.

facebook-iconAlready a Network Member? Click ‘RBKA Members Network’ listed in your Groups.

  • Write a post about your beekeeping experience.
  • Add a photo or even a video to provide illustration.
  • Ask a question of your fellow members.
  • Add a file with useful information.

Content posted on the Members Network will be subject to Moderation by the group’s Administrators, who reserve the right to delete inappropriate content. Otherwise, usual Facebook rules will apply.

Don’t forget to also:

  • Read the latest BeeNews for upcoming notices and topical items.
  • Regularly visit the Members Website for up-to-the-minute notices, all the Diary Dates and a wealth of information in the Knowledge Base and Education sections … for starters.