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Reigate Beekeepers is a very friendly club, and with around 200 members it is one of the largest clubs in Surrey.

Membership brings many benefits, whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced beekeeper. These benefits include :-


Opportunities to Extend and Support your Practical Beekeeping Skills

  • Weekly meetings throughout the summer season (April to August) for both beginners and advanced members at our Henfold Copse teaching apiary.
  • Local experienced beekeeper contacts near you, and other experienced members for help and advice, including ‘mentors’ for those new to beekeeping.
  • Excellent teaching facilities. Opened in 2010 our teaching apiary at Henfold Copse has been purpose built to provide an ideal location for our members in a delightful countryside setting. Further development of the site to extend and enhance these teaching facilities, now includes a superb Pavilion for meetings and other activities.
  • The club also manages a number of other apiaries, to generate supplies of honey which are sold to benefit the club..
  • Microscopy bee health clinics in the spring and autumn.
  • Participation in the club honey extraction day.
  • Close links with the Regional Bee Inspector Diane Steele, including participation in ‘Health Tour’ visits to member’s own apiaries.

Opportunities to Increase your Beekeeping Knowledge

  • Winter beekeeping courses with qualified tuition.
  • Winter lectures on subjects of interest to beekeepers (September to March).
  • Varied yearly programme of demonstrations, lectures, social events and visits.
  • Attendance at other local and national association’s beekeeping events.

Extensive Beekeeping Knowledge Resources

  • This website which is exclusive to members, and provides a wealth of knowledge about the theory and practice of beekeeping, also specific Reigate Beekeepers information, plus the facility to ask questions and share beekeeping experiences.
  • An extensive library of books about beekeeping.
  • BeeNews our own monthly club newsletter.
  • Monthly national magazines – BeeCraft and BBKA News.
  • Access to the NBU BeeBase, BBKA and other online resources.

Providing Bees for Members – Swarm Collection

  • Our team of Swarm Collectors captures swarms, and are happy to provide them as new bees for club members.

(A suitable contribution to support club activities is expected for this service, and the receiving members are required to prepare their own swarm collection box.)

Assistance with Beekeeping Equipment

  • Purchasing with club discounts for your beekeeping supplies, and easy collection from Henfold Copse apiary.
  • Extracting equipment for hire at a nominal charge.

Opportunities to Participate in National and Local Shows

  • Reigate Beekeepers Annual Honey Show, which provides the opportunity for members to display their bee products and achieve awards and prizes.
  • Members also participate in other local country shows to demonstrate and promote beekeeping.
  • Attendance at other local and national beekeeping events.
  • Members also participate in local markets, selling honey, and related products such as beeswax candles.

Insurance Protection

  • Insurance against bee loss through disease.
  • Personal indemnity insurance against Third Party claims.

Membership of Other Beekeeping Associations

  • Reigate Beekeepers Association is the Reigate Division of Surrey Beekeepers Association (SBKA). Surrey Beekeepers Association is the local Area Association of the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA). So members of Reigate Beekeepers are also members of Surrey Beekeepers Association and British Beekeepers Association.
  • Discounts offered on a range of services and suppliers via your BBKA Membership, Click here , or also see Useful Links page Click here.

Above all membership of Reigate Beekeepers provides the opportunity to meet other friendly and interested beekeepers and learn more about beekeeping.

Beekeeping is a fascinating hobby, and one that makes a very significant contribution to the protection of our wildlife and our environment.

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