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clickhereanimatedLinks to websites of other beekeeping organisations and suppliers of beekeeping services or products are provided here for the convenience only of Reigate Beekeeper’s members.

Click on the blue hyperlink text ‘click here‘ alongside an entry to go directly to their website. 

The inclusion of an entry here, or elsewhere on this website, does not imply any recommendation by the website editors or by Reigate Beekeepers. No responsibility is accepted for the content or goods and services provided by such external websites. These and further beekeeping suppliers and organisations can also be found readily via internet searches.  

Reigate Beekeepers Members’ Personal Websites

  • Andy Robinson’s own blog,, providing the topical experiences of a Surrey beekeeper:    click here
  • A Facebook page supported by James Dearsley for beginners interested in beekeeping from around the world:   click here
  • James Dearsley’s blog site,, with information and further suggested websites:  click here

Reigate Beekeepers Public Website

  • The public face of our Division, to promote membership and support, and offer beekeeping information:   click here

National Beekeeping Reference Organisations

  • BBKA Members (Log-in required):  click here
  • BBKA Discussion Forum (Log-in only required to Post or Respond to a topic): click here
  • BBKA Examinations and Assessments:  click here
  • BBKA Member Benefits (Log-in required):  click here
  • DEFRA – Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs:  click here
  • FERA – Food & Environment Research Agency (executive agency of DEFRA):  click here
  • National Bee Unit – BeeBase (Log-in requred to access your personal records):  click here

Beekeeping Information

  • Beepedia, a commercial shop with advice (and videos):  click here
  •, a blog site with forums, videos and advice:  click here
  • Dave Cushman’s famous site, now managed by Roger Patterson:  click here
  • National Honey Show:  click here
  • UK Beekeeping Forum:  click here

Beekeeping Books, Magazines and Videos

Other Beekeeping Organisations and Courses

Other Beekeeping Associations

  • Mid Bucks Beekeepers Blog (recommended by Andrew Cornwall):  click here
  • Surrey Beekeepers, RBK’s parent association:  click here
  • Wisborough Green Beekeepers (recommended by Graham Pooley):  click here

Bee Products

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