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Basic Beekeeping

Basic Equipment Protective Clothing click
Beekeepers Toolbox click
Component Parts of a Hive click
Hive Types click
Colony Manipulation Selecting & using the appropriate method click
Tips on the Basic Practical click
Natural History of the Honeybee Two Castes & the cast-out Honeybees in a Colony click
Stages in the Life Cycle of a Honeybee click
Wax Production & Comb Building click
Importance of Pollination by Honeybees click
Com’n Sources of Pollen & Nectar in Surrey click
Collecting Pollen, Water & Propolis click
What is Swarming? click
The Winter Colony click
How to Interpret Bee Dancing click
Disease, Pests & Poisoning A Healthy Colony click
Excluding Mice & Other Pests from Hives click
Notifiable diseases & Pests of the Honeybee click
American Foul Brood click
European Foul Brood click
Chalk Brood click
Bald Brood click
Nosema click
Acarine click
Varroa Mites click
Mouse in the Bee House! click
Wax Moth click
Preparing Stored Comb for Winter – Wax Moth Treatment click NEW
Woodpeckers click
Signs of Poisoning from Toxic Chemicals click
Feeding Making and Feeding Syrup click
Making and Feeding Fondant click
Making and Feeding Pollen Patties click
After the Basic After the Basic – What Next? click
Module 1 Recommended Reading List click
Best Practice Guides Beekeeping Best Practice Guides/Advisories/Fact Sheets – The Full FERA Bee Unit List click


DIY Projects DIY Projects (introduction) click
Make a Queen Cage click
Make a Frame Holder click
Make a Queen Mating Box click
Make an Asian Hornet Trap click
Frame Runner Modification click
Watch Your Bees Feeding click
Make a Simple Feeder click
Make a Simple Wasp Trap click
Make a Mesh Woodpecker Guard click
Make a Bee Escape click
Make an Observation Hive click
Make a Snelgrove Board click
More than an Eke click
Make a Honey Warming Cabinet click
Buying Equipment
Equipment Product/Price List – March 2016 click
Buying New Equipment click
Buying Used Equipment click

Honey Extraction

Clearer Boards click  NEW
Extracting Your Honey click NEW

Swarm Collection

The Swarm Collection System click
Preparing your Swarm Box click
Swarm Registration List click
Swarm Request Registration click
Capturing a Swarm – the Teams Way click
Picking-Up your Hived Swarm click
Feeding and inspecting a Swarm Colony click

Hive Products

to be prepared

Q & A’s

In Defense of Icing Sugar (and IPM) click

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