Surrey Honey Show – Sat 8th Oct 2022

  We are delighted to invite all Surrey members to enter this year’s

Surrey Beekeepers Honey Show.

Despite another year with no Surrey County Show we can still host and enjoy our annual Surrey Honey Show.

All the usual categories will be available with winners certificates and cups. (Plus some cash prizes!) So that you have time to prepare and plan for the event, the Show will be held on Friday and Saturday 7th & 8th October at Reigate’s superb apiary at Henfold Copse.

Friday 7th October

 Consolidated deliveries from each division to the event venue, Henfold Copse.

Saturday 8th October

Show Day and Judging  


Schedule and Entry Form

download from < HERE >


Registration of Entries

Get your entries in prior to the deadline of Monday 3 October


Drop-off Times

With your association’s representative of the Surrey Show who
will arrange delivery, or personally to Henfold apiary on the

Friday 7th between midday and 4 o’clock or between 9 and 10 o’clock on the Saturday 8th morning

Judging will take place between 10:30 and 3:00

Prize Giving at 4:30

(Organised by the Surrey Beekeepers’ Association)



91st National Honey Show 2022 – Get Ready

Start planning your NHS Show Bench entries now. Use equivalent class entries into the SoE, RBKA and SBKA shows to practice and develop exhibit preparation skills. 

Shy of entering the NHS Open or Member classes? There are also NHS Surrey Classes, open only to SBKA Members. See Page 17 of the NHS Schedule and the foot of this post.

NHS Schedules – available NOW

Full Schedule

Classes Only
Download [304KB PDF] the 38 page 2022 Show Schedule of Classes. Updated 02/07/22.

Special Entry Classes for Younger Beekeepers 2022
Download [1MB PDF] Talented younger beekeepers and bee supporters invited to enter the wide range of exciting classes in the show. These classes make a fantastic display that visitors always love to see. They will be featured on social media for the entire world to admire.

Entry Forms – available from August

Entry forms for essay, video, microscope slide and photograph classes must reach the Entries Secretary by 12th September. No late entries permitted for these classes 

Entry forms for all others classes must reach the Entries Secretary by 10th October. Late entries may be made until the 17th October ( but will incur an additional late entry fee of £10)

Workshop Bookings – more info during August 

Note: only National Honey Show Members and those with a daily admission ticket can attend Lectures and book into workshops and or demonstrations.

Lecture Convention – programs available NOW

Main Programme

Beginners Programme

Bee Craft Programme.

Trade Stands – see WHO will be there. 

Plenty of retail therapy to be had in between viewing the show benches, attending lectures, participating in workshops or networking in the restaurant. 

Show Admission  

Book at the NHS website shop 1st Sept – 11 Oct.

Day Tickets

FINAL Catalogue – Reigate Auction of Bees & Beekeeping Equipment

The catalogue of Registered Auction Lots has grown.

Click the PDF doc …

or   HERE

… browse now to see what’s been registered for auction and plan for what you might like to bid for on the day.

No* more Lots to be added.

Lot Registration is now CLOSED

Get set for Saturday the 30th April, at the Mickleham apiary and Village Hall.

Key Dates and Timings:

  • * Contact Vince Gallo by the 16th April if you wish to sell bees. 
  • ALL goods should be registered for Auction by Tuesday 26th April. 
  • A Catalogue of Lots will be was available by 29th 15th April from our website(s).
  • Lots to be received on site between 8:30 and 10:30 on Auction Day.
  • Viewing will be from 11:00am on the day of the Auction.
  • Auction Commences at 12 noon on Saturday 30th April.
  • Pay for successful purchases once all bidding is complete.
  • All bought and unsold items to be removed from site by 5:00pm. 

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BBKA Module 1 – Study Group

After the success of the recent joint Module 2 “Honey Bee Products and Forage” study group, involving both Reigate and Croydon BKA (divisions of Surrey BKA), a few participants got the bug, and now feel inspired to set up another study group, this time for Module 1, “Honey Bee Management”.

Once again, this will be a joint venture between Croydon and Reigate BKAs, and is supported and endorsed by both Associations.

Anna Slade writes …

The objective of this study group is to offer the opportunity to study, and gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of: hive types; selecting apiaries; prevention and detection of swarming; methods of swarm control; seasonal management; signs of queen status – these are just a few of the topics covered in the syllabus.  

Who is Module 1 ideally for? Well, anyone who has kept bees for more than one year, and preferably has completed (or is working towards) the Basic Practical Assessment (BPA), is welcome to participate in this group. Module 1 complements the BPA, but is best completed afterwards, building on the foundations of the BPA to widen and deepen the knowledge gained. It’s a logical step for those who have taken their BPA to move on to modular learning, and many undertake Module 1 first, although the modules can be taken in any order (except for Module 8, which has to be taken last). In this study group, we intend to complete the Module 1 syllabus in time to take the exam in November 2022, although there is no obligation to sit the exam.

Those also taking the BPA need not be too concerned to the depth Module 1 goes into for their preparation for the practical exam; however there are many synergies between the Module 1 syllabus and the BPA, so your practical learning will complement your theoretical learning in Module 1. 

There is NO financial cost to you as a participant, as long as you are a current member of either Reigate or Croydon BKA. However there is a cost in terms of your time and your participation in assisting group learning, whilst also respecting others in the group, as those leading, presenting or assisting are all volunteers, each one at a different stage in their beekeeping journey, and many juggling full-time jobs and families.

The course arrangements are as follows:

  • Weekly meetings on Tuesday evenings at 8pm, on Zoom (cost to be met by Croydon BKA), led by Anna Slade
  • The first meeting will be on Tuesday 17th May at 8pm
  • Zoom recordings and study notes available for review for those who can’t make the weekly meetings, or are busy with their bees!
  • Shared participation in a correspondence course (cost to be met by Reigate BKA)
  • Access to resources on Dropbox (courtesy of Keith Mackie), where we can share presentations, study notes, past exam papers, and resources from previous groups
  • A WhatsApp group (managed by the Module 1 Leadership Team) where we can ask for, and share, advice and support, including from RBKA Master Beekeepers and more experienced members
  • Access to study materials from RBKA and CBKA libraries

If you are interested, or have any questions, please contact Keith Mackie on 07786 024325 or, Debbie Burney on 07810 172938 or, or Anna Slade on 07947 431053 or

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to studying with you!

Kind regards

The Module 1 Leadership Team (formed of RBKA and CBKA members)



Guildford Division invite you to book for an evening lecture on 1st December 2021

Guildford Beekeepers + RHS

present a Christmas Lecture by

Professor Dave Goulson

– at the new RHS Wisley Hilltop Science Centre –

Tickets £20 each inc. complimentary mince pies & mulled wine.

based on his new book:

Silent Earth


Click anywhere below to open pdf file …

BBKA Module 2 – Study Group

Ever thought about how to produce better quality honeybee products & what our bees forage on?

Then join a Joint Surrey BKA Division Study Group.

16 brave souls from both Croydon and Reigate BKAs have already teamed up to study for the BBKA Module 2 – Honeybee Products & Forage. 

Keith Mackie writes …

The intention is to undertake the exam in March 2022, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to, and don’t be shy about coming along and joining the study group on Zoom.  The plan is to do fortnightly study groups on a Monday, from 8pm till 9:30pm, working through the syllabus of this module. 

Debbie Burney, Alexandra Collins, and myself are coordinating the groups progress through the theory of this course, culminating in what we hope will be most of the group taking the exam.  We plan that different members of the group, will present sections of the syllabus to the others in the group; to share the work and as a group work together using shared research notes. 

Croydon BKA (CBKA) has kindly funded the BBKA correspondence course & Zoom facility for the Study Group.  The correspondence course provides sample exam papers to be completed and submitted to an outside assessor for marking and annotation, providing a wonderfully complete set of answers which can then be used for revision and exam practice.  The revision / study notes will be compiled to create an array of study material which will then be available to CBKA’s members for their use in future years. 

It was discovered this week that an updated syllabus is being launched for the 2022 exams, with extra points added! These include the development history of extraction equipment, management of bee colonies for honey production from specialist crops, honey granulation and the properties and use of honey for wound care. 

The first three fortnightly sessions will cover the following topics:

  1. 18-Oct-21 (Week 1) – Debbie Burney will cover the main requirements of the current UK statutory regulations affecting the handling, preparation for sale, hygiene, composition, labelling and weight of packs of honey.
  2. 01 Nov-21 (Week 2)  – Alexandra Collins will talk about the methods used to uncap honeycombs and separating the wax cappings from honey, types of honey extractor available and their methods of use, including the history and design of the equipment, management of bee colonies for home production from specialist crops such as OSR, ling heather, along with straining and settling of honey after extraction.
  3. 15-Nov-21 (Week 3) – Anna Slade will cover the storage of honey, together with the preparation and bottling of liquid, naturally granulated, soft set and seeded honey as well as the preparation of section, cut-comb and chunk honey for sale, together with the theory of the process of honey granulation.

Further weeks will cover general topics such as the constituents of honey and beeswax, the use of other bee products, the main nectar and pollen producing plants of the UK and so on. 

The BBKA exams can now be taken at home under strict guidelines as well as at exam centres, which means that no travel time or costs need be incurred.  Those who took Modules earlier this year will be interested to know that the computer portal which ensured no internet access during the exam has been updated, requiring a new set of software protocols to be installed, but we can worry about this in the new year!,

Keith Mackie

Surrey Honey Show – Sat 11th Sept 2021

View and download the

Surrey Honey Show Schedule and Entry form

< HERE >

Exhibit drop off times

For Reigate Members, bring (or have delivered by a fellow member) to the Henfold Apiary …

  • either during the Evening meeting on Wednesday 8th September (along with your Colony samples for the Clinic that evening)
  • or either on the Friday 10th between midday and 4 o’clock
  • or between 9 and 10 o’clock  on the Saturday morning.

Entries by members from other Surrey Divisions will either be brought to Henfold Apiary by the Division’s representative of the Surrey Show, or personally by the member on the Friday 10th between midday and 4 o’clock or between 9 and 10 o’clock on the Saturday 11th morning.

Judging between 10:30 and 3:00 on Sat 11th Sept.

Open House from 1:30pm Sat 11th Sept.

Prize giving ceremony will follow at 4:30pm, 

(Organised by the Surrey Beekeepers’ Association)

Classes are open to all and any beekeeper may enter.

Entries close Wednesday 2nd September 2021. 


89th National Honey Show – A Virtual Event for 2020 – Thursday 22nd to Saturday 24th Oct

NHS logoInternational Classes & Autumn Beekeepers’ Convention.

Pre-recorded demonstration workshops and lectures with live questions and answers during the day and on-line social events in the evenings are being planned.

Timetable and programme details available shortly.

Bob Maurer, National Honey Show Committee Chair said “This year’s National Honey Show is rising to the challenge of providing something different, which will more than fill the void, as the show will be sorely missed by our team and visitors. We want to bring you a flavour of the upbeat zest and excitement which characterises the show and entice new visitors to come along to the bigger and better show planned for 2021.”

Visit the NHS website for latest information.


Surrey County Show – CANCELLED

Honey Competition

Surrey County Show  

Stoke Park, Guildford  

Bank Holiday Monday  25th May 2020

Organised in conjunction with the Surrey Beekeepers’ Association

Judges: Mike Duffin and Deborah Smith

Classes are open to all and any beekeeper may enter.

Entries close Thursday 14th May 2020.

Visit the Surrey County Show 2020 website

Honey Show Awards & Prizes

  • The Colman Cup for the Surrey Member winning the cut comb class.
  • Composite Cup for the Surrey member gaining the most points.
  • Vincent Challenge Cup for the B.K.A. division gaining most points from its members.
  • Ken Reed Memorial Cup for Surrey member wining the single piece of beeswax class (H6).
  • Golder Memorial Trophy for the Surrey member winning the Novice class (H19).
  • N.H.S. Blue Ribbon for the single best exhibit.
  • Chairman’s Prize (£25) There will be a draw ticket for each exhibit staged.
  • Class Prizes: 1st £5.00, 2nd £3.00, 3rd £2.00, 4th £1.00

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Reigate Auction of Bees & Beekeeping Equipment – CANCELLED

The date for our annual Auction of Bees and Beekeeping Equipment is set for Saturday the 18th April, at the Mickleham apiary and Village Hall.

Registration of Lots is now OPEN … T&C’s & the Catalogue can be accessed from our public site (click this link) or via links below.

Key Dates and Timings:

  • Contact Vince Gallo by the 4th April if you wish to sell bees. 
  • Goods should be registered for Auction by Tuesday 14th April. 
  • A Catalogue of Lots will be available by 17th April from our website(s).
  • Lots to be received on site between 8:30 and 10:30 on Auction Day.
  • Viewing will be from 11:00am on the day of the Auction.
  • Auction Commences at 12 noon on Saturday 18th April.
  • Pay for successful purchases once all bidding is complete.
  • All bought and unsold items to be removed from site by 5:00pm. 

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