Terms & Conditions – Virtual Auction of Bees and Beekeeping Equipment 2021

Please read these T&C’s before submitting a Lot for Sale by Auction or Bidding to Buy a Lot in the Auction.


Selling via the Virtual Auction

  • 1. Items eligible for sale will include:
    • a) Bees
    • b) Beekeeping equipment & related items
    • c) Gardening tools & apiary maintenance equipment
  • 2. Seller’s premium:  10% of the hammer price.  
  • 3. Reserve fee:  If a reserve is placed on an item, a minimum fee of £1.00 per lot will apply, even if the item is unsold.
  • 5. Payment of successful sellers: will be by Bank Transfer to the Account details (Bank, Sort-code, A/c No.) provided by the seller on their Sellers Registration Form.
  • 6. Acceptance of Goods for Auction:
    • a) Goods must be available to be delivered to, or collected by, winning Bidders within 7 days of a winning bid unless other arrangements are included within the Item’s full description.
    • b) All goods to be auctioned must have been submitted via a completed Sellers Registration Form.
    • c) Auctioneer reserves the right to reject goods deemed to be considered from available information to be in a dirty or poor condition.
    • d) Drawn comb in any form will not be accepted for sale.
    • e) All live bee colonies offered for sale must have been inspected by an appropriately experienced beekeeper prior to being included in the auction, unless prevailing weather conditions make such inspections impractical; in which case bees will be offered for sale ‘subject to satisfactory inspection’.
  • 7. Sellers of Bees should provide the following details:‐
    • a) An approximate location of the bees, in addition of sellers contact details already provided on the Sellers Registration Form.
    • b) If an independent pre-auction inspection is not feasible (see 6e), the date of the bees last being inspected, full description of their status then, and any subsequent treatment/feeding.  
    • c) Indication if the nuc. box or hive containing the bees is to be sold with the bees, or if not, stating the deposit required.
  • 8. Sellers of Electrical items must complete a declaration for any electrical items entered for sale: –
    • a) Supplied in good working order with a suitable plug.
    • b) Items conform to British Standard or European Standard basic safety requirements.
    • c) Carry either the CE mark, the BEAB mark or BS safety mark.

Buying during the Virtual Auction

  • 9. Catalogue of Items:-
    • a) A catalogue of items for sale will be maintained on RBKA’s Member Website for the duration of the Virtual Auction being open.
    • b) Printed copies will not available.
  • 10. Viewing:
    • a) If offered by the seller, arrangements for viewing items will be provided with the lot details as posted.
    • b) Every care will be taken to describe the lots accurately in the catalogue, but all lots are sold as presented in the on-line postings and no responsibility can be accepted by RBKA or any member for any error, mistake or omission made in connection with the listing on the Auction sale.
    • c) No guarantees or warranties are provided for any items whatsoever.
  • 11. Bidding:
    • a) No prior Registration, or Registration Fee is required in order to bid.
    • b) Before bidding on an item, make sure that you have checked the item, making yourself fully aware of any faults that there may be.
    • c) Bidding on an item will commence from when the Lot is published online.
    • d) The item up for auction will remain online until either a successful bid is achieved, or it is withdrawn by the seller.
    • e) To bid for a lot, complete and SUBMIT the Make a Bid form on that Lot’s post.
    • f) Lot posts will be regularly updated to show the latest Bid Offers.
    • g) Confirmation of your bid being accepted will be made by email by the auctioneer.
  • 12. Payment & Collection:
    • a) Once bidding is complete, payment for the successful purchase is required to the RBKA Auctioneer. No Auction commission is added to the cost of goods bought.
    • b) Payments are required within 48hrs of the buyer being notified of their successful bid, otherwise their bid will be cancelled and the biding re-opened.
    • c) Payment method – by Bank transfer to RBKA
      • CAF Bank
      • Sort Code 40-52-40
      • Account No. 00014940 Reigate Beekeepers
    • d) Include Payment Reference: VAuctionLot## (where ## is the no. of the Lot being paid for)
    • e) You will receive your payment receipt.
    • f) Successful buyers will be notified of the sellers contact details by the auctioneer for the buyer to arrange for collection. Buyer will need to provide their own hive equipment for transferring bees and frames into, unless the bees were sold with a hive.
    • g) Show the payment receipt to the seller upon collection as proof of purchase.


Sellers Registration Form – Virtual Auction of Bees and Beekeeping Equipment 2021

Complete and submit a Sellers Registration Form for EACH Lot being offered for Sale by Virtual Auction.

A single Lot may comprise a number of the same items in similar condition. (eg. 3 x National super boxes)

 Sellers Registration Form

A Lot Number will be allocated to accepted Registrations when the Lot is posted.

Sellers details provided via this form will only be used by the RBKA Auctioneer for the purposes of facilitating the promotion, sale and delivery/collection of auction lots on behalf of the sellers.