Auction Lot Carousel – Last few days

Swipe through the Auction Lots open for bidding, as well as those now closed to see what you might have missed! Look under ‘RBKA ONLINE > RBKA Virtual Auction’ for full details of how to sell and bid.

RBKA Virtual Auction – 10 Easy Steps

Our annual ‘RBKA Auction of Bees & Beekeeping Equipment’ for 2021, has once again bern conducted as a virtual on-line event.


How it Works.

  1. Read the Terms and Conditions
  2. To Sell
    • Complete and Submit an online ‘Sellers Registration Form‘ providing details of the item you wish to offer for Sale by Auction.
    • AND supply by email suitable photographs of the item(s) to the Auctioneer for inclusion with the published Lot details,
  3. Items accepted by the Auctioneer for ‘Sale by Auction‘ will be published as individual posts, identified as a Numbered Lot on this website, displaying:
    • information provided in the Seller
    • photographs supplied by the Seller.
    • … an Opening Bid price, Latest Bid price or Hammer Price.
    • … a Bid for this Lot form.
  4. All Lots open for Bidding will be displayed under the RBKA Virtual Auction > Auction Lots menu tab found under the RBKA ONLINE menu options.
  5. To BID
    • From the post for the Lot you wish to bid for, scroll down to Bid for this Lot. If needed, click on [Read more] to fully open the post.
    • Complete the Bid for this Lot form.
      • If the price showing is an Opening Bid price, any (reasonable) Bid offer could be made.
      • Bear in mind that the Seller may have set a Reserve Price that will need to be reached before any Bid could become a winning Bid.
      • If the price showing is a Current Bid price, a greater Bid offer would be required.
      • If the price showing is a Hammer Price, bidding is closed
    • Submit your Bid offer if bidding is still open.
  6. The Auctioneer will routinely (but not necessarily instantaneously) update the status of live Lots to show the current highest value Bid received for each Lot.
  7. Where more than one Bid of the same value is received …
    • the words ‘multiple bids‘ will be displayed after the bid value.
    • in the absence of any higher bid by the time the Auctioneer closes bidding, the earliest received of same highest value bids takes precedence.
  8. At the Auctioneers discretion, the bidding will be closed after a reasonable period of time in which no new bids are received.
    • Advance Notice of the imminent close of bidding may be indicated on the Lot post.
    • The Auctioneers decision in final.
  9. Hammer Down
    • The final accepted bid price will be shown as the Hammer Price and the Lot will be closed to further Bids
    • The successful Bidder will be notified by the Auctioneer of the Sellers contact details and prompted to submit payment of the Hammer Price to RBKA
    • The Seller will notified by the Auctioneer of the Buyers contact details and advised of the net sale price they will receive from RBKA in due course.
  10. Buyer and Seller arrange between themselves for delivery or collection of the item(s) as needed.