Not quite so Wet – but still Chilly – Bee prepared.

Ahead of this Wednesday Evening’s apiary meeting, all attendees need to be aware that unfortunately the wet weather restrictions to some of the grounds remain in place.

Please do not drive or park vehicles on any areas of grass. And if it becomes necessary (again) to ‘double park’ behind vehicles in parking bays, please do so considerately and do not block the ability of vehicles to be driven around the ends of the central planter. Importantly, do not block the access between the pavilion and containers for Emergency vehicles.

Hive Inspections

The unseasonal and persistently low air temperatures are likely to again greatly inhibit the ability for more than minimal, very brief and essential colony inspections. Please pay attention to advice provided by your Hive Tutors and Mentors.

Access to and from the hives from the pavilion remains restricted to the right hand (west) side of the apiary grounds. Please bring Wellington boots for outside use only and alternative DRY footwear for inside the pavilion.

This evenings Shout Outs will be as short as possible to make maximum use of the daylight and any lingering slightly warm weather. So I make these now.

Show Stall Volunteers Please

DO consider volunteering to help with the operation of RBKA stalls at local shows. Our attendance at these events are windows of opportunity to engage with, inform and enthral the public about honey, honey bees & beekeeping.

Coming up VERY soon now is a show at Lower Kingswood  on the 1st May.

And if you are not already planning to attend our Auction, or need to personally deliver samples of your bees to the Bee Health Clinic on the 14th May, your help at the Cowpie Show on the same day with be very welcome indeed.

See the website for details of al show venues planned this summer and please contact Geoff Pye on 07775 821 931 or to offer your help at one or more of them.

Observation Hives and Donor Colonies

If you can help with the provision of an Observation Hive, bees on frames to be temporality put into an Observation or able to set up for and manage an Observation Hive at a show, do also please contact Geoff Pye or myself asap.

Auction Day SUNDAY 14th May

Register with Vince Gallo any equipment or colonies of bees that you want to put into this year’s Auction. Visit our Members or Public website for details

Bee Health Clinic SUNDAY 14th May

We may all have some sick bees coming out of winter. The clinic provides a timely opportunity to have your colonies checked for Nosema. Bob Maurer is also keen to engage more members in the microscopy skills involved in looking for evidence of Nosema. Visit our Members website for details.


Finally, PLEASE do make sure YOU sign-in each evening when attending the apiary, and don’t forget to pop a 50p coin or more into the Skep Money box towards the provisions of the Tea,  Coffee and Biscuits consumed during each evening.

Thank you.

Richard Bradfield (Chair)


Bring suitable outdoor & indoor footwear with your beesuits.

We hope that the grounds at Henfold will have drained sufficiently by this Wednesday evening and it will not be actually raining or too cold … to enable at least small groups to attend hives requiring inspections.

  • Please remain aware and respectful of the conditions underfoot. 
  • Use the firmer ground on the west container side ONLY to approach the hives from (and return to) the pavilion.
  • Do not walk across the central area between pavilion and hives.  
  • Avoid where possible remaining saturated ground around hives.
  • Bring suitable wellies to wear outside – and label them!
  • Bring/wear stout socks or slip-on shoes to wear inside the building.
  • NO WELLIES in the PAVILION PLEASE (wet or dry!)

If ground conditions at the time regrettably so dictate, please respect requests to limit numbers gathering around particular hives.

Elsewhere, as for the previous two Wednesdays, vehicles must be kept to the entrance track way and on hard standing parking areas only. No excursions onto ANY grass, not even to pass other vehicles.

If double parking becomes necessary, do so considerately and please do not inhibit the ability of vehicles to be driven around around both ends of the central planter.

The meeting will commence at 6:30pm with brief announcements and instructions about the evenings activities before assembling into your respective training groups.

Please aim to to be ready, booted and suited, by 6:30 to commence the activities straight after the announcements & evenings instructions.

See you there …

Richard Bradfield, Chair.

Waterlogged Grounds – Meeting Indoors Again

Unfortunately, again, we find ourselves waterlogged at Henfold and this means it’s not acceptable for members to access the hives this week.

Instead … ‘Spring Comb Management’ will be addressed with an impromptu presentation by Trevor Keast & Keith Mackie.

This will be an informal demonstration using the hives in Henfold pavilion to discuss the benefits of spring comb management as a brief introduction; followed by a demonstration of the Bailey Comb Change and Shook Swarm manipulations.

We will start at 18:30 in the pavilion. Do come along with your questions and we will try to address everything.

If it is not actually raining during the evening, some needed Framed making may be possible at the long wooden benches on the west side of the grounds, accessed from their right hand sides only.

We ask everyone who is attending that they use the carpark fully, even double parking, to ensure everyone can park within the carpark area.

Please, on no account park or drive on any grass verge along the entrance drive from main road to Henfold carpark, the ground is too soft to support any focused weight, at all.

Mentors, Apiary Managers and Grounds Team are providing minimal spring comb & colony management this week. The nucleus colonies are being transferred into full hives, other hives are being managed based on their strength and health.

Kindest Keith Mackie – RBKA Improvers Mentor & AHAT Lead

Asian Hornet: a Beekeepers Guide – 16 March

The Surrey Beekeepers Association invites you to an on-line  presentation about the Asian Hornet

Spring Lunch – 11th March 2023 – Nearly Fully Booked

Reigate Beekeepers Association


12.15 noon for 1.00pm

Your Chairman and his good Lady look forward to receiving members and partners to our first social event of 2023 on Saturday 11th March…

… at the Grumpy Mole restaurant in Brockham.

Most, but not quite all, places available have been booked by members who had already registered their interest in  participating before the venue & menus had been finalised.

However, if you are not already booked, and might like to; see if the menu options and prices (below) will tempt you. 

No promises, but it may be possible to squeeze in 2 or 3 more … if you are quick. 

 Please contact Julie Thain directly ASAP and certainly BEFORE the end February. 




Spring Lunch – 11th March 2023 – Book Soon

Reigate Beekeepers Association


12.15 noon for 1.00pm

Your Chairman and his good Lady invite members and partners to our first social event of 2023 on Saturday 11th March…

… at a restaurant likely to be in Brockham, Buckland or Reigate. Actual venue/location subject to confirmation.

If not done so already, register interest in attending NOW by contacting the Chairman by email , MMS or WhatsApp via 07923 600266.

Then HOLD the date.

Bookings will be being requested VERY SOON

Costs of fixed price Courses with menu options will be advised asap.

Number may be capped, so when Bookings do open, book quickly to avoid disappointment.

Reserve the date in YOUR diary now, to be sure to be able to join in our traditional start to the new Beekeeping Year.

Julie Thain has kindly undertaken to lead the organisation of this event, but welcomes offers of help in the planning and managing of arrangements.




BBKA Spring Convention 2023 – 21st to 23rd April

Ticket sales opened at Noon on 30th January. 

For all details go direct to:



Winter Meetings 2022/23 – Next: Mar 1st.

Presentations Icon

Wednesday March 1st 

Presentations & Open Discussion Forum ‘Preparing for the Summer Season’.

Led by a consortium of our Apiary Managers, Education Leaders, Show Coordinators and Master Beekeepers.

at Henfold Apiary, from 7:00pm for prompt 7:30 start.

From October through to March, we will meet mostly (but not always!) on the first Wednesday of the month at either the Henfold Pavilion, or for the January and February meetings only, virtually via Zoom.

The program, will comprise a combination of informative talks, just for fun events, as well as our AGM and Awards Ceremony (some Topics & Speakers to be confirmed)

For the meetings at Henfold, arrive from 7:00pm for a 7:30pm start. Members (and guests) are asked to sign-in and a donation of £1 per person is requested (as usual) towards catering costs. Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided at the meetings end, typically by about 8:30pm.

For Zoom meetings, log-in by 7:00pm from your desktop/laptop, iPad or smart phones using the links provided nearer the date for a prompt start. Sorry, you will need to arrange your own catering during or after the meeting .. but no donation required.

Of course, in addition to listening to the speakers etc, the evening provides a great opportunity to talk/chat with your fellow beekeepers before the formal starts and after the main topics.

Details of the topics, as available, are set out below [Read more…]

Bees Abroad – Big Give 2022 – 29th Nov to 6th Dec.

For some years now, RBKA has fundraised for Bees Abroad as an annual activity. Two years ago, our Just Giving appeal for Bees Abroad moved our donating up a few gears and raised £1800, which with gift aid, totalled almost £2200.

Last year, our Just Giving appeal had opened again in the-run up to our 2021 AGM. We had raised just over £1000, with Gift aid adding another £222 for Bees Abroad by the time we closed that appeal when the Bees Abroad 2021 Big Give Christmas Challenge was announced to be opening at the end of that month. It is not known how much additional funding was then added directly by individual RBKA Members during that 2021 campaign, but being match funded, it would have been doubled! 


For our 2022 contribution, we are inviting all Members to donate individually and directly into the ‘Bees Abroad 2022 Big Christmas Challenge’ between the 29th November and the 6th December ONLY.

All such donations will be doubled by the Match Funding that Bees Abroad has secured; and all donations from qualifying tax payers will attract Gift Aid.  AND … if you include a reference to “Reigate Beekeepers” in a message with your donation, Bees Abroad will be able to let us know the total of donations we make during this years campaign.  Let’s see if we can beat our 2020 total … and aim for £2500 in donations this year.   

View the Bees Abroad 2022 Campaign below, or CLICK HERE go to their website direct. But keep your powder dry until midday on Tuesday 29th Nov for maximum effect.  

Reigate Beekeepers AGM – AGENDA – 7:30pm 2nd Nov 2022

A Division of the Surrey Beekeepers Association
Founded 1879
Charity No 1026386


7:30pm  Wednesday  2nd November 2022

at Henfold Copse Pavilion.       


(click here for all available documentation) 

  1.  Welcome and address
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Minutes of the AGM held on Wednesday 3rd November 2021 (soon)
  4. Matters arising from the minutes
  5. Chairman’s report – will be published on RBKA website (soon)
  6. Treasurer’s report – summary will be on RBKA website (soon),  details presented at the AGM
  7. Other Officers’ reports – will be published on RBKA website (soon)  
  8. Election of President, Officers and Committee Members
    • President – Mr Mike Hill
    • Chairman – Mr Richard Bradfield
    • Honorary Secretary – Mrs Liz Jackson 
    • Honorary Treasurer – Mr Vince Gallo
    • Honorary Membership Secretary – Mr Simon Ford 
    • Committee Members –
      • Re-standing: Mr Bob Maurer, Ms Celia Perry, Mrs Gill Simpson
      • New Nominee: Mrs Janet Kay
  9. Nomination of Trustee to Surrey Beekeepers Association – Mr Richard Bradfield
  10. Appointment of Representative to Surrey BKA – Mrs Gill Simpson
  11. Appointment of Independent Examiner of Accounts – Mrs A Clement
  12. Questions from Members
  13. Presentations of Awards from the Honey Show and Examination Certificates
  14. Fundraising for our annual donation to ‘Bees Abroad’.
  15. Any other business
  16. Date of next AGM – Wednesday 1st November 2023

Officers’ and other written reports will be published on the RBKA Members website within 7 days of the AGM

Chairman’s View – October 2022

Hi All,

It’s been a busy week with a show last weekend, a certain show this Saturday and a few things going on in between … not to mention preparing for our AGM in November. 

So please click back again on Sunday (2nd October) by when my ‘Chairman’s View’will be clearer and committed to an updated version of this post.

Meanwhile hope to see quite a few of you at our Honey Show in the pavilion today between 2pm & 4pm.  

Richard Bradfield
30th September 2022
mob: 07923 600266



Stewarding at the 2022 National

The Chief Steward at the National Honey Show is looking for volunteers to assist in stewarding during the three days (27th – 29th October) of this prestigious event in the Beekeeping calendar

Helpers are also being sought with the setup on Wednesday 26th and closing down on the afternoon & evening of Saturday 29th October.

Perhaps you were one of many Reigate members providing help in 2021. If you would like to volunteer again or perhaps for a first time this year, please apply using the ‘Stewards Request form 2022’ below to let Bill Fisher know which days, mornings or afternoons you would be available to help.

General Stewarding Duties at The National Honey Show 2022

  • Watching over a room full of exhibits; answering questions; ensuring the exhibits are not touched or stolen.
  • Stewarding a lecture; being available to show people out in the event of a fire, passing around the microphone for questions.
  • Standing by a doorway; making sure only people with a valid wristband are allowed to enter.
  • Giving directions to visitors.
  • Running errands for judges and other stewards.

The lectures and workshops are now all on the NHS website –

If you are able to volunteer this year when otherwise not planning to be sitting in on a lecture yourself, or participating in a workshop; please:

  1. Download and complete the Stewards request form 2022 with your availability details.
  2. Re-save the form with your name in the title
  3. Return the form to Bill Fisher at

If you are planning to help and are not a member of the National Honey Show please make sure you provide your postal mailing address, in case it is necessary to mail out Entry tickets prior to the show.

And then … why not take the opportunity to also enter into some (or even just one) of the National Honey Show Competition Classes as well! 


BBKA – Winter Colony Survival – 2021/22 Survey

From: Leigh Sidaway, BBKA General Manager

Dear BBKA Member,
We are carrying out the BBKA overwinter colony survival survey for the winter 2021-2022.
The survey period is from 1st October 2021 until 1st April 2022. Please complete and return it before the 30th April.
All responses will be kept in confidence.
Many thanks for your time and support.The survey is very simple and only takes 5 minutes.

Here is the link to the survey:



Weekly Meetings Start Postponed to 13th April

Given the weather forecast for Wednesday, 6th April, it has been decided by Chairman (Richard Bradfield ) and Education Program Manager (Jim Wynn) to move our first meeting of the season by a week to the 13th of April.

Hopefully, it will be warmer so we can open up colonies by then!
So, see you all at 6:30pm on the 13th.

However, Henfold will be open tomorrow for Tutors or others planning or arranging up-coming events if they fancy or need a chat – but we won’t be opening colonies.

Otherwise see you on the 13th.

Surrey Beekeepers Association 2021 AGM


Members of Kingston Beekeepers Association will be pleased if you can join them at this year’s 143rd SBKA Annual General Meeting at 2pm on Saturday the 4th December. 

Winter Talks Programme 2021/22 Schedule


Our RBKA On-Line Winter Talks Programme commenced in October … with monthly Evening Wednesday meetings either via online Zoom or in the pavilion at Henfold Apiary … every first Wednesday of the month through to and including March 2022




Wednesday October 6th (via Zoom).

A talk by Dr Joe Woodgate

Queen Mary University of London

– Do drone congregation areas really exist?

… What can radar tracking tell us about drone congregation areas?

Wednesday November 3rd from 7:30pm at Henfold Apiary

RBKA Annual General Meeting

Honey Show Awards

Presentation of Qualification Certificates.

Wednesday December 1st from 7:00pm via Zoom

A talk by Professor Jamie Ellis

University of Florida

– What is killing our bees

… and what can we do about it?

Wednesday January 5th from 7:00pm via Zoom

A talk by Professor Patricia Wiltshire

– Pollen and Spores:

their importance in criminal investigation

Wednesday, February 2nd from 7:00pm via Zoom

A talk by Dr Norman Carreck,

University of Sussex

– IPM and varroa control

Each RBKA OnLine ‘meeting’ will commence promptly at the scheduled time, proceeded only by a very few minutes of general notices and announcements. Do aim to log into the Zoom conference at last 5 to 10 minutes before the published start time to ensure you are not ‘crowded out’ by others of the 100 participant limit, and to ensure video & audio settings are working OK … and to not miss any announcements and introductions.

All event details and timings remain subject to amendment at short notice. Keep in touch by referring back to the Members Website. 

Wednesday March 2nd from 7:00pm at Henfold Apiary

Part 1: Presentation by Steve Riley,

from Westerham Branch of Kent Beekeepers,

– Non-Treatment for Varroa … an update.

Following up on Steve’s talk to us in 2019

Part 2: An informal “Gathering” of Members

–  Topical issues discussed in open forums.

NOTE – this will be a real meeting in the Henfold Pavilion, following appropriate Covid protocols, and will not be recorded. 

Environment Bill – lobby MP’s to support ‘Protect Pollinators from Pesticides’ amendment DO IT NOW

Protect Pollinators from Pesticides amendment 53 – update.

This amendment to the Environment bill is being debated on 20th October and the BBKA would like MPs to be informed about your opinions. 

The amendment 53 is a new clause proposed to be added after clause 73 of the Bill. It can be accessed through:

Time is short but if you would like to lobby your MP by sending a letter there is a draft below that you can scroll down to, complete and send by post or email.

[Read more…]

Membership Fees 2021/22

The 2020/21 membership year has come to an end and all memberships now need to be renewed.

You will have received an email prompting you to renew that provides an on-line form to submitt your response.

We encourage you to do that as early as possible to ensure that we can keep the records properly updated.

The on-line form provides you with the opportunity to change your category of membership via a dropdown box on the form. Below is a table (click on it to open full screen) showing the membership categories available, which have been modified slightly since last year. They include a specific intermediate class for ‘Trainees’, redefines the ‘Associate’ class in-line with BBKA terminology and provides a single ‘Friends’ class for non-beekeeping family members and friends etc.

Please contact Sue Hickson if you wish to check which category you need, or to correct any mis-selection you may make.

You may notice that the fees have increased a little from last year. This reflects slight increases by BBKA and in BeeCraft subscriptions. There have been no changes to SBKA’s charge, or the Bee Diseases Insurance (BDI) basic policy premium.

Once again, this year there is no change to RBKA’s very modest Annual Fee. That is the ONLY element of the total Membership Fee you pay that RBKA retains. (Less than in the pile of coins in the thumbnail image for this post!)

The on-line form provides the opportunity to add to the total Membership Fee with an additional voluntary donation to RBKA.

The final sum then displayed on the form will be the amount to then pay by Bank Transfer or cheque please. Details of how to pay are provided in the on-line form.

Please note that whilst we claim Gift Aid on donations and some elements of Membership fees, Gift Aid is not claimed on the Bee Craft subscription element.

If you are not intending to renew for any reason please email Sue to let her know so that we don’t keep chasing.

BBKA – Honey Survey for 2021

From: Diane Drinkwater, BBKA Vice-Chair

The recent warm weather has been a lovely end to the summer but autumn is approaching so I am writing to ask all members to take part in the Honey Survey for 2021. 

The survey will be open from 27th September until 25th October.

Here is the link to the survey:

We have heard mixed reports of honey yields for this year so it will be interesting to see the results which will be published in BBKA News.

Kind regards

Diane Drinkwater, Vice-Chair

Separately, I would appreciate your comments on the relevance of the questions asked and your expectations of the likely usefulness of the survey’s results. Either email me, or use the Comments box below.

Richard Bradfield, RBKA Chair

RBKA Officer and Role Vacancies

The search is on for two willing and able volunteers prepared to take on and stand for election to the RBKA Officer positions of Honorary Secretary and Membership Secretary.

We are also looking for someone to fill a new dedicated role of Public Course Coordinator, currently being undertaken by the Hon. Sec.

Present incumbants Gill Simpson and Sue Hickson have provided sterling support for RBKA and are needing to step back from their roles. They will be tough acts to follow, but they will provide as much support as they can to thier successors.

It is also proposed to lighten the load upon the Hon Sec’s role by seperating out the also important task of liaising with members of the public interested in participating in our Taster Days and Beginners Winter Courses. You could of course be prepared to combine that task with either of the Officer Roles.

If you believe you would be able and prepared to be considered for either of the Officer Roles, please contact the Chairman or any Committee member. Candidates would need to put themselves forward to be nominated for election at the AGM on the 3rd November.

Volunteers for the Public Course Coordinator role would not be required to also become a member of the committee.

RBKA Honorary Secretary

One of four Divisional Officer roles (Chairman, Hon Sec, Treasurer, Membership Sec) that, together with the Divisional Trustee (if not one of the Officers) and further members as required, form the elected Committee that manages the Division.

The Hon. Secretary is required to be a Member, elected annually to the role at the AGM.  No member may hold the office for more than three consecutive years unless re-elected by at least four fifths of the members present.


  • RBKA’s first point of contact for the public by email or telephone
  • Provide administrative support for RBKA committee meetings and AGMs.
  • Manage bookings for Henfold Pavilion and maintain an On-Line bookings diary.
  • Keep various physical RBKA files and records


Public/External Contact

RBKA always endeavours to be friendly and welcoming, with that endeavour needing to be reflected in all communications with the public.

  1. Incoming messages should be checked regularly.
  2. Field emails arriving at as well as occasional telephone enquiries from the general public, members, BBKA and SBKA. 
    1. Enquiries from the general public can be anything from swarm reports to requests for speakers, course enquiries and requests to visit the apiary. 
    1. Many need to be redirected to other committee members.
    1. Always acknowledge the first message and tell them it has been re-directed. 

Secretarial Administration

  1. Co-ordinate with Chairman to schedule committee meetings , prepare and circulate agenda. 
    1. Prepare Secretary’s reports to circulation prior to meetings, summarising latest activities.
    1. Attend meetings and take minutes. (about 5 or 6 a year)
    1. Circulate minutes to committee members as soon as possible following meetings.
  2. Co-ordinate with Chairman to prepare paperwork for the AGM. 
    1. Produce a Secretary’s report to summarise activities during the year. 
    1. Attend AGM and take minutes.
  3. Keep records for all meetings and any correspondence which arrives. 
  4. Keep records of bookings for the Henfold Pavilion and enter dates on the electronic diary. 
  5. Book venues as required for events.


“I have really enjoyed being Hon Secretary, meeting so many new people and introducing them to RBKA.  It’s really not an onerous job as almost everything is done by email.  I don’t really remember volunteering for the role in the first place so I think 10 years is quite enough, it’s time for someone else to have a go! ”. (Hon Secretary 2012 – 2021)

Succeeding Jacqui Essen in 2012, Gill Simpson has provided invaluable continuity to the functioning of the committee under three Chairs.  Gill had also grown the supporting roles of managing our increasingly popular Winter Beginners Courses and providing administration of our equally popular Taster Days. It is proposed to now separate these responsibilities from the Hon Sec role to allow this role to be less time demanding. __________________________________________________________________________________

RBKA Membership Secretary

One of four Divisional Officer roles (Chairman, Hon Sec, Treasurer, Membership Sec) that, together with the Divisional Trustee (if not one of the Officers) and further members as required, form the elected Committee that manages the Division.

The Membership Secretary requires to be a Member, elected annually to the role at the AGM.  No member may hold the office for more than three consecutive years unless re-elected by at least four fifths of the members present.


  • Lead point of contact with prospective and current members with membership enquiries.
  • Maintain individuals’ membership details on the RBKA and BBKA records systems.
  • Ensure RBKA’s compliance with GDPR undertakings.
  • Liaise with RBKA’s Hon Secretary and Treasurer and the BBKA in managing new members and appropriate subscription dues
  • Issue subscription renewal requests during September and be available during October to validate and process responses received then, updating membership records as needed.    
  • Cooperatively work with Membership Sec’s of other Surrey divisions and SBKA.
  • Provide RBKA Membership reports for Committee meetings and the AGM.


Technical Requirements

The role includes responding to membership enquiries received via on-line media, email, telephone and in-person, and the ability to input and manage individual membership details on both personal computer and on-line web based systems. 

Formal Responsibilities

The Divisional Membership Secretary shall:-

  1. notify the county membership secretary promptly of any new or lapsed registered, partner or country members of the BBKA, and, in the same way, notify any changes to the names, addresses and, if appropriate, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of existing members in any of these classes of membership.
    1. notify the county treasurer of any additions or deletions to registered, partner or country members.
    1. inform new BBKA members of the membership number when it is issued.
    1. monitor the receipt of ‘Welcome Packs’ from the BBKA to new members.
    1. verify the membership list against the BBKA Membership list twice each year in March and September. 
    1. notify Bee Craft Ltd of any additions, deletions or changes to registered members only as they occur.
    1. verify the divisional registered membership with Bee Craft Ltd each year in November.
    1. inform the treasurer on a quarterly basis of the number of BBKA and other members.


“The Membership Secretary is often the first contact a prospective member has with the division.

It is enjoyable and rewarding to see and help members from their first tentative approach to Reigate Beekeepers, perhaps through Associate membership, before then progressing to become full active members.”  (Sue Hickson – Committee Member since 2016, Membership Secretary 2018 – 2021)

Since 2018, Sue Hickson has been instrumental, with support from Mike Hill, in transitioning RBKA’s internal membership records system to use of BBKA’s ER2 system. In parallel, developing our GDPR protocols that have subsequently been adopted by SBKA and its Division.


Public Course Coordinator

– for RBKA Taster Day & Winter Beginners courses

Not necessarily requiring the holder to be member of the RBKA committee, the role has previously been carried out and developed into a key activity in its own right by the Honorary Secretary.

It is now proposed that this role be filled by a dedicated member, reporting to the Committee as required via the Hon Secretary and /or the Education Coordinator.

The Public Course Coordinator would be a Member, co-opted to the role by the committee. __________________________________________________________________________________

  • Taster Day Participant Organiser.
  • Winter Beginners Course Organiser.


Both events require liaison directly with members of the public and prospective new beekeepers, as their primary RBKA contact, responding to enquires and managing their expectations & participation in courses.

Taster Day Participant Organiser

Working with the Course Presenter (Colin Clement) in planning and delivery of the event, inc:

  1. Venue bookings as required.
  2. Dates & Timings.
  3. Selection, sourcing & presentation of participants ‘Goodie Bag’ content.
  4. Propose appropriate Course fees.
  5. Arrange for advertising as required (Public Website, Posters & Flyers & others).
  6. Present all proposals to Committee for agreement.
  7. Be RBKA’s first point of contact for Public enquiries about the courses.
  8. Manage all details of bookings, liaising with RBKA Treasurer over receipts of payments.
  9. Maintain communication with applicants in run up to and during the course.
  10. Provide information to participants about next available Winter Beginners Course.

Winter Beginners Course organisation

Lead coordinator for RBKA of planning for and operation of the courses, inc.

  1. Course format and venue bookings as required
  2. Dates and Timings
  3. Presenter booking and fees (David Rudland)
  4. Selection and Sourcing of Beekeeping Course books for participants
  5. Sourcing of RBKA Honey ‘gift’ for participants on completion of course.
  6. Propose appropriate Course Fees
  7. Arrange for advertising as required (BeeCraft, Public Website, Posters & Flyers)
  8. Present all proposals to Committee for agreement
  9. Be RBKA’s first point of contact for Public enquiries about the courses.
  10. Manage all details of Bookings, liaising with RBKA Treasurer over receipts of payments.
  11. Maintain communication with applicants in run up to and duration of the course.
  12. Liaise with Membership Secretary and Education Coordinator over course participants’ ongoing membership status and practical training requirements.


“I have managed this task for the last 10 years as part of the Hon Secretary role.  There can be busy times in this role, when the courses first open for booking and just before they take place but it’s easily manageable and it’s fun communicating with people who are taking their first steps in beekeeping.  You just need to be organised.”  (Gill Simpson)

This is a new standalone role.