Out-Apiary Site Offers

Members of the public offer Reigate Beekeepers use of perhaps a corner or area of their garden or land to site a hive. Such offers maybe received through direct contact or via our Public website.

27 offers are currently available, see below.

Where possible, members of the public offering a site will have been provided with BBKA Advisory leaflet, which is about choosing an Apiary Site. So they should have gained some idea of what the beekeeper will be looking for in terms of the sites location etc.

The list of ‘offered’ sites is maintained by Sandy Benton to ensure it is up-to-date. If you are interested in checking out a site listed below, a quick call or email to Sandy  (full contact details in Who’s Who) quoting the site list number, beforehand would be a good idea.

  • 60. NEW OFFER – Reigate – RH2 9JP – Ajay Sood – several places to site 2/3 hives amongst a wild area slightly under trees next to open fields. Spacious parking area and access to the site is through a garden and a small orchard. Plenty of forage around and the heath is very close. The host requests he would appreciate honeycomb, not honey as recompense for hosting the hives. contact Sandy for phone N°)
  • 59. Lingfield – RH7 6JG – Debbie Winchester – a large garden with various places to site hives. Vegetable and flower plots so plenty of forage. Easy access and parking. contact Sandy for phone N°)
  • 58. Dorking – RH5 4DA – Nicola Hamill-Chard – aa few places to site 1/2 hives. Easy access and parking. (contact Sandy for phone N°)
  • 57. Effingham – KT24 5QL – Perry Stock – at the rear of the garden there is a site to position 1/2 hives near a vegetable plot and a few fruit trees. Beyond the perimeter hedge are the local allotments. Easy access and parking up to the side gate. (contact Sandy for phone N°)
  • 56. Betchworth – RH3 7DJ – Paul Tanner – a large garden with a pond and plenty of surrounding forage and places to site 2/3 hives. Good parking and access. (contact Sandy for phone N°)
  • 55. Newdigate – RH5 5BH – a large field behind the house backing onto farmland where you could site a number of hives. Good access and easy parking. (contact Sandy for phone N°)
  • 54. TAKEN
  • 53. Bletchingley – RH1 4NJ – Jeremy Charles- a small field, approximately 1/3 of an acre, with various places to site hives. There is a hedge on one side of the field, an uncut area in the centre and a  pond very nearby. Convenient parking and easy access. (contact Sandy for phone N°)
  • 52. Tadworth – KT20 7NJ – Scott Davis- a very large garden with a wild area where you could site 2/3 hives. A short walk from the parking area to the hives.  (contact Sandy for phone N°)
  • 51. Walliswood-RH5 5RT-Mrs. Belinda Crabbe:- a very large garden backing onto fields with several places to site 1/2 hives. Amble parking spaces and good access via a garden gate.  (contact Sandy for phone N°)
  • 50. TAKEN
  • 49. Banstead -SM7 5HB- Michael Connie:- Large wildflower field with a lake and a small ancient woodland. Plenty of forage from nearby orchard and gardens. Location is to the south edge of a row of large trees. It is exposed to northerly winds but a barrier is in place to deflect the worst. Could accommodate 4/6 hives. Good access. (contact Sandy for phone N°) 
  • 48. TAKEN
  • 47. Lingfield – RH7 6BJ – Lana & David – a 9 acre garden which has been vacated by a Beekeeper who has moved away and who highly recommended the site.  (contact Sandy for phone N°)
  • 46. TAKEN
  • 45. TAKEN 
  • 44. TAKEN
  • 43. TAKEN
  • 42. TAKEN
  • 41. TAKEN
  • 39. WITHDRAWN 
  • 38. TAKEN
  • 37. TAKEN
  • 36. TAKEN
  • 35. TAKEN 
  • 34. Redhill – RH1 2DG – Helen Curtis- wild area at the end of the garden with a gentle upward slope. Good access by a side gate from the drive. Room for 1/2 hives and plenty of forage in surrounding gardens. (contact Sandy for phone N°)
  • 33. Redhill – RH2 OJL – Simon Maddox-an L-shaped garden with area for 1 hive. Slightly sloping ground but very good access via a gate next to parking area. (contact Sandy for phone N°)
  • 32. Tadworth KT20 5TF – Louise Cambyses – several places to site a hive in this beautiful garden. Good access via a gate off the drive where you can park. Plenty of forage in the area. (contact Sandy for phone N°)
  • 31. Reigate RH2 9JP – Jenny Newell – Garden by a road but separated by a tall hedge. Strip of land between the hedge and the garden, suitable for 1 or 2 hives. Good access with parking and the garden is stocked with bee friendly plants and a pond. The heath is nearby. (contact Sandy for phone N°)
  • 30. Redhill RH1 6JP – Philip Squire – A large sloping garden surrounded by trees. Easy access.  (contact Sandy for phone N°)
  • 28. TAKEN
  • 25. Chobham GU24 8DG – Rob & Alice – extensive land( about 5 hectares)which will developed organically so beehives would be welcomed.  Easy access. (contact Sandy for phone N°)
  • 24. Nutfield RH1 4HN – Olivia Gadd – large garden to the rear of the house (by M23), surrounded by trees and fields Could also locate hive in front garden. Good Access. (contact Sandy for phone N°)
  • 23. TAKEN
  • 22. Newdigate -Rod and Jan Hawick- large back garden, lawn and flowerbeds with woodland area behind. To front of the house an area with fruit trees. Very good access. (contact Sandy for phone N°)
  • 21. Merstham RH1 3BZ – Sue Mortimer- Large garden to the rear of the house laid to lawn and flower beds and woodland beyond. Surrounded by houses with good gardens. There is ample parking in front of the house with side access. (contact Sandy for phone N°)
  • 20. TAKEN
  • 19. Ockley RH5 5JA – David Szachno-Hodgkinsos – Various location options within a 2 acre site of garden, woodland, vegetable garden & borders, with good S/SE aspect. Hardstanding for parking during visits. Site owner hopes to have hives of his own in the next couple of years and would expect the opportunity to observe how a hive is maintained and to share some of the honey. A near neighbour of Andrew Buchanan. (contact Sandy for phone N°)
  • 18. TAKEN
  • 17. Smallfields RH6 9RS – Adelina Worgan – Level garden of about 1acre with 1.8 m. fence all around, mostly laid to grass with flower beds, fruit trees and a pond. Car access into rear garden and 1m. wide hard path to bottom of garden. (contact Sandy for phone N°)
  • 16. Redhill, RH1 5AB – Jeremy Skinner – A 200 foot garden divided in half, the bottom half suitable for 1/2 hives. Parking in front of the house and a small stroll to rear garden via a side gate. Garden is grass and shrubs. (contact Sandy for phone N°)
  • 15. TAKEN
  • 14. Limpsfield Chart, RH8 0TL –  David Hepburn – South facing paddock (area larger than a tennis court) inc. pond, behind main garden situated in countryside with fields behind. Trees around east boundary and shrubs around southern boundary. Access by foot only through a large garden. No close access by vehicle.  (contact Sandy for phone N°)
  • 13. TAKEN (Owners now keep bees themselves)
  • 12. Merstham, RH1 3AD – William Reynolds –  Large garden plot ~ 0.4 acre, near top end of M23 and large fields predominately OSR. Chalkland grass, much left to turn to meadow during. Sloping site but the hives could possibly be sited on level area by house. (contact Sandy for phone N°)
  • 11. WITHDRAWN site owner now keeping bees themselves.
  • 10. TAKEN
  • 9.  WITHDRAWN – site owner moving/moved
  • 8.   TAKEN
  • 7.   WITHDRAWN
  • 6.   WITHDRAWN – site now being used to keep goats
  • 5.   WITHDRAWN
  • 4.   TAKEN 
  • 3.   Oxted, RH8 0LB – Marilyn Russell – Half acre garden including strip of woodland, possibly suitable for 1 or 2 hives.(contact Sandy for phone N°)
  • 2.   Old Oxted, RH8 9NX – Dai Jones – Secluded, behind gate in front of owners property on a country lane, fields surrounding. Friendly neighbour farmer will notify of crop spraying. (contact Sandy for phone N°)
  • 1.  WITHDRAWN – site owner moving/moved

Please also advise Sandy if you either find one of these sites unsuitable, or are taking up the offer, so that the site can be removed from this list (if needed). It is also recommended that you liaise with our Membership Secretary  Simon Form who can advise on which other Reigate Beekeepers may have apiary sites in the area … to avoid  competition for forage. 

And finally, keep your website posted with occasional news about how you and your bees are getting on at your out-apiary.