Waitrose branches nominate RBKA for Donations

This quarter, quite independently, both Horley and Dorking branches of Waitrose nominated Reigate Beekeepers to be shortlisted as a potential beneficiary of shares of their branch’s Communities Matters fund.

Notification came in October that our nominations had been approved and Reigate Beekeepers were being awarded with donations of:

£333 (from Waitrose, Horley)


£350 (from Waitrose Dorking) 

Chairman Richard Bradfield was delighted to receive the presentation cheque at the Waitrose store in Horley. on the 28th October. Our Treasurer will be relieved to know that a ‘real’ cheque was also provided by Elaine Crame – the Waitrose Horley Community Matters Champion.

Hon Secretary Gill Simpson, was equally delighted to receive (just) the real cheque at the Waitrose store in Dorking on the 30th October …  providing a whole new meaning to the Waitrose Click – Collect signage … see photo below.

In both cases, Reigate Beekeepers had been shortlisted by the branches due to our relevance to the Environment theme that the Waitrose Community Matters scheme is currently focussing upon..

This welcome donation follows Waitrose Dorking, in July, having also chosen Reigate Beekeepers to receive £333 from their summer £3000 ‘Give a Little Love’ scheme to help local causes.

Some may also recall that three years ago, during our 2018 Beekeeping and Honey Show, the manger of the Waitrose Dorking store presented Reigate Beekeepers with a donation from their Green Token scheme during our Honey Show in Dorking.

Representatives from both Dorking and Horley branches of Waitrose have been invited to visit the Henfold Apiary one evening during our 2022 Summer season to be shown around our facilities, meet members and take in look inside some hives.

Thank You Waitrose & Partners.

2021 Honey Show – Judged and Awarded

A big thank you to those who prepared and entered exhibits.

Well done to those who’s entries earned placings

Very well done if you have earned a First (or two …)

Congratulations if you have a Trophy to collect.

  • 38 Entrants
  • displayed 113 Entries
  • in 23 Classes.
  • The award Winners are …

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    Surrey Honey Show – Report & Show Results

    Reigate Division win the

    Vincent Challenge Cup

    With Trevor Keast leading the charge, a small but effective team of Reigate Members pipped Kingston and Weybridge members to achieving the most points across all Classes at the Surrey Honey Show on Saturday 11th September.

    Vincent Challenge Cup returns to Reigate for the first time since 1978.

    Trevor’s magnificent exhibits at the show also earned him the Blue Ribbon for his ‘Two Jars of Soft of Soft Set Honey’; the Ken Reed Trophy for being 1st in the ‘Piece of Beeswax’ class; and the Composite Cup for the ‘Surrey Member with the Most Points’; and . His splended 51 points were achieved with six 1st’s, one 2nd, one 3rd, one VHC, one HC, & one C.

    Meanwhile, the supporting team of Richard Bradfield, Bob Maurer and Frank Miszler, as well as both Holmwood (Vigo) and Newdigate (Henfold) Apiaries, between them picked up 36 points with one 1st, two 2nd’s, three 3rd’s, two VHC’s, & one HC.

    The show, staged in Reigate’s pavilion at Henfold attracted 155 entries by 37 entrants from 7 of Surrey’s 8 Divisions, earning it the status of a Blue Ribbon event, and was judged by Mike & Liz Duffin.

    Chief Steward, Mike Axford (Kingston Division) gave a BIG THANK YOU to all who entered and helped make the show such a huge success, and especially to the Surrey Show committee who put in lots of time to make sure everything came together on the day.

    See the photo gallery at the foot of this page.

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    Summer Garden Party – Report

    Garden Party LogoThis year, our regular celebration of summer for members, families and friends alike was resurrected to mark our ‘Open’ return to the Henfold apiary.

    All who were able to join in, enjoyed the afternoon.

    Our informal social get together on Saturday 24th July commenced at 2:30pm, just as the sun finally broke through after a damp and dismal morning. It continued in hazy sunshine through the afternoon … until light rain commenced as everyone was departing at 6pm. Perfect.

    In another departure from previous summer parties, there was no BBQ involvement or requirement for participants to bring their own food. 

    Instead, platters of Meat & Vegetarian Sandwiches, Wraps, Mini Sausage and Mini Cheese & Onion Rolls, Fruit Kebabs, Fruit Fingers, as well as Cakes and Profiteroles were all provided in a buffet spread.

    Participants brought their own light (or heavy) liquid refreshments and were requested to make a donation to RBKA towards the food provided. And of course Tea & Coffee was on constant supply from Ernie. 

    The grounds, as ever, looked terrific, and the pavilion was resplendent in its fresh coats of protective treatments.   

    During the afternoon, a few presentations and unveiling ceremonies were conducted as parts of a welcoming address from Chairman, Richard Bradfield.

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    2020 (89th) National Honey Show Online Conference – Congratulations to Bob Maurer & event teams …

    NHS logo … on the accomplished and ground breaking on-line conference that involved and welcomed beekeepers worldwide. Enjoyed, I am sure, by many if not all Reigate Beekeepers.

    Richard Bradfield, Chairman RBKA

    Recordings of all sessions are now available to view from



    As Bob Maurer mentions during his welcoming address, the international event has been very expensive to produce, and yet all the great content provided online this year has been FREE to access.

    So if you have already viewed, or intend to be viewing the excellent content from the comfort of your armchair … do please consider making a personal direct donation towards the NHS’s costs this year if you have not already done so.

    Even a percentage would be appreciated of what you would otherwise have spent on traveling to Sandown Park, paying for entry, refreshments and possibly lunch in the Restaurant, had this been a ‘normal’ year.

    Reigate Beekeepers Division has itself been a modest sponsor of the NHS, as you may have noticed or will see in the introductory credits to Gwyn Marsh’s demonstration – Making beeswax wraps; and John Goodwin’s talk – Showing Honey.



    Text / SMS donations
    To donate £1, text HONEYBEE to 70201
    To donate £3, text HONEYBEE to 70331
    To donate £5, text HONEYBEE to 70970
    To donate £10, text HONEYBEE to 70191

    Fundraising, payments and donations will be processed and administered by the National Funding Scheme (Charity No: 1149800), operating as DONATE. Texts will be charged at your standard network rate. For Terms & Conditions, see www.easydonate.org.

    Visit the NHS website .



    Reigate Beekeepers AGM – AGENDA – 7:30pm 4th Nov 2020

    A Division of the Surrey Beekeepers Association
    Founded 1879
    Charity No 1026386


    7:30pm  Wednesday  4th November 2020

    To be held via Zoom video conferencing. 

          The Zoom Meeting Invitation, Link & ID details will be circulated via        Email on 30th October and again during the morning of 4th November.


    (click here for all available documentation) 

    1.   Welcome and address
    2.   Apologies for absence
    3.   Minutes of AGM held Wednesday 6th November 2019 (click here)
    4.   Matters arising from the minutes
    5.   Chairman’s report – on RBKA website (click here)  
    6.   Treasurer’s report – (to be) emailed 
    7.   Other Officers’ reports – on RBKA Website (click here)
    8.   Election of President, Officers and Committee Members

    President – Mr Mike Hill
    Chairman – Mr Richard Bradfield
    Honorary Secretary – Mrs Gill Simpson
    Honorary Treasurer – Mr Vince Gallo
    Honorary Membership Secretary – Mrs Sue Hickson
    Committee Members – Mr Simon Ford, Mr Bob Maurer,                                                               Ms Celia Perry, Mr Jim Wynn

    9.   Nomination of Trustee to Surrey Beekeepers Association – Mr       Richard Bradfield
    10. Appointment of Representative to Surrey BKA – Mr Jim Wynn
    11. Appointment of Independent Examiner of Accounts – to be appointed
    12. Questions from Members
    13. Announcement of Awards from the Honey Show and Examination Results 
    14. Any other business
    15. Date of next AGM – Wednesday 3rd November 2021

    As we are not able to hold our traditional raffle in support of Bees Abroad, donations will be invited via an on-line Just Giving page, details of which will accompany the AGM Zoom Link & ID details. Those donating will be entered into a prize draw, the results of the draw will be announced at the December winter meeting on Wednesday 2nd December 2020.

    All reports, with the exception of the Treasurer’s Report, will be published with Bee News and will be available on the RBKA Members website.  The Treasurer’s report will be emailed to all members prior to the AGM.

    Winter Talks Programme 2020/21 Schedule

    Our RBKA On-Line Winter Talks Programme commences on the 7th October … in place of previously ‘normal’ monthly Evening Wednesday meetings at the Woodhatch Centre … every first Wednesday of the month through to and including March 2021

    Invitations and joining instructions to join each Zoom Meeting are delivered about 5 days beforehand from Jim Wynn <noreply@membershipservices.org.uk> to ALL our RBKA paid-up members with email addresses.  The instructions are ESSENTIAL for you to follow to be able to either log-in via smartphone or computer for 2-way video & audio capability, or by standard phone for audio only.  Reminders may also be sent on the day of, or the day before each Zoom Meeting.

    [If you have not received your invitation, click to go to the foot of this post 

    Wednesday 3rd March – No. 29 ‘Preparing for Spring’ presented by Simon Ford, with Q&A’s to follow. Commences at 7:00pm.

    Wednesday 3rd February – No. 28 ‘In Self Defence’ presented by Celia Davis followed by Q&A’s. Commences at 7:00pm.

    Wednesday 6th January – No. 27 ‘Recognising and Addressing Queen Events’ a new talk presented by Jamie Ellis Phd from Florida, USA. Commences at 7:00pm

    Wednesday 2nd December – No. 26 ‘Winter Feed and Treatments’ presented by Adam Leitch + we are joined by Richard and Jane Ridler from Bees Abroad to hear the Bees Abroad Donation total being announced + Q&A’s to follow. Commences at 7:00pm (Recording to be published)

    Wednesday 4th November – RBKA’s AGM Commences at 7:30pm (This event was not recorded for catch-up viewing.)

    Wednesday 7th October – No. 25 ‘Products of the Hive’. Numerous members talk about how they produce their speciality products. Possible inspiration to keep occupied during the winter months, followed by Q&A’s. Commences at 7:00pm.

    Each RBKA OnLine ‘meeting’ will commence promptly at the scheduled time, proceeded only by a very few minutes of general notices and announcements. Do aim to log into the Zoom conference 5 to 10 minutes before the published start time to ensure your video and audio settings are working OK and to not miss any announcements and introductions.

    Note that a new, unique, Meeting ID will be issued ahead of each successive RBKA On-Line Meeting via Zoom.

    All event details and timings remain subject to amendment at short notice. Keep in touch by referring back to the Members Website. 

    No Zoom Meeting Invitation or Log-in Details?

    • Please check your email spam folder(s).
    • Not there either?
      • Are you a paid-up member for the current RBKA year Oct 2020 – Sept 2021?
        • Yes – email our Zoom Manager, Jim Wynn to have the details resent.
        • No – please contact our Membership Secretary, Sue Hickson to remedy.

    2020 Virtual Honey Show – Entries Delivered, Displayed Judged and Rewarded

    Thank you to those who participated.

    Very well done to those of you who have earned First’s.

    Congratulations to the few that have earned a Trophy.

    • 30 Entrants
    • 115 Entries
    • 25 Classes
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    Spring Virtual Bee Clinic 2020 – Health Report

    This spring, Bob Maurer nobly undertook to provide a Virtual Bee Health clinic from his home between the 20th April and the 6th May. Samples of bees for assessment were either dropped off or delivered by post from members.

    Bob Maurer reports the final stats from this year’s Spring Adult Bee Disease Clinic that includes results of some assessments conducted by Jim Wynn.

    This is the 54th clinic for which I have records, during which 52 samples were tested by myself and Jim.

    • 16 beekeepers submitted samples from 17 apiaries including
      • 9 samples from our Henfold Lane apiary and
      • 4 samples from our Mickleham apairy.
    • 18 samples (34.6%) tested positive for nosema. 
      • 7 light,
      • 8 medium
      • 3 heavy
    • 11 of the 17 apiaries tested had some level of infection
      • fortunately most were light or medium.
    • 34.6% is quite a high infection level
      • the average across 54 clinics is 23.6%.
      • In April 2019 14.7% of the 68 samples submitted were positive.

    This time some of the light positives were very light so if you take them out of the equation then the infection rate drops to 21% which is below average.

    For those who have fond memories of the colonies they worked at Henfold Lane last year, hive 1 was light positive and the rest were clear.

    There were a couple of samples where I found 1 single nosema spore.  I looked really carefully at those slides and couldn’t find anything else.

    Do you tell the poor beekeeper they have a very very very light infection?  That would be extreme so I turned a blind eye and gave the colonies a clean bill of health.

    A number of members kindly said they would send donations to RBKA and one member sent cash which I will sort out with Vince.

    A big ‘well done’ to all the beekeepers who managed to get their samples to me and for sending me fresh bees.  Testing bees in an advanced state of decomposition is disgusting.  There’s no other smell like it.

    I used to keep a sample from a heavy positive test so that I could make up demo slides. It was in a small vial, inside a bigger vial which was sealed in a honey jar. It lived in the freezer until management intervened.

    The only way I could tolerate making a slide from it was to wear gloves and make it outside whilst standing up wind!

    All the best


    Why test for Nosema?

    The severity of any Nosema found determines how you deal with an affected colony.  Options include:

    • Bailey comb change for a diseased colony or possibly the use of one of the supplements currently claiming to assist with nosema.
    • Between Mid-March to Mid-July, the Shook Swarm procedure would be an option.
    • Knowledge of the presence of nosema in a colony should also be a reason not to unite it with another that is clear!

    Recruiting the Clinic team.

    Bob Maurer welcomes members offering to be part of the teams of ‘bee crushers’ and ‘microscopists’ that will be needed on both days. There will be a briefing for new volunteers that involves grinding up the sample of bees and placing a drop of the resulting liquid onto a slide. No experience necessary – training will be provided. This is a job that would suit anyone thinking they may be interested in microscopy.  Anyone who helps will be given the chance to see anything interesting that is found and time permitting, Bob will try to give everyone a chance to have a go on a microscope. No problem if there are more ‘bee crushers’ than needed, Bob will endeavour to make sure everyone gets a chance to see any nosema found. But if there are a lot of people it must be understood that there will be a bit of hanging around.

    If you would like to take part in futue clinic, please let Bob know so he is able to prepare sufficient seats.  bob@maurer.uk.com  07740 707500

    Also, check out the Nosema post in the Knowledge Base (click here)
    For more details about identifying adult bee diseases and how to take the sample of bees, we can do no better than to refer you to your January 2014 edition of BeeCraft and direct you to Page 17 to read Bob Maurer’s article, one of a series of BeeCraft articles on Microscopy.
    Remember that if you send a sample to Fera, you will be charged £10 to check just for nosema. These tests will be carried out with a light microscope, just as our local microscopists would do.

    Footnote: It is also possible to request more sophisticated molecular pathogen screening for nosema. This can cost ~£120 per colony. (Reductions are offered for 5 or more colonies.)  For a further ~£120 per colony, your sample can be checked for viruses.



    Basic Congratulations

    Thumbs_UpA BIG thumbs up message from our County Exam Secretary and member of the BBKA Exam Board … Celia Perry … for Reigate Beekeeping Division candidates who took the BBKA Basic Assessment this July 2019 at the Henfold apiary..

    “I am very pleased to say you all passed, so very well done, that is a credit to all your hard work”

    With a pass mark being 50% and a credit being 70%, the following members now have their beekeeping ‘wings’.

    Nick Clark, (Pass)
    Lisa Gallo, (Credit)
    Sue Hanley, (Credit)
    Deborah Jardine , (Pass) 
    Brian Kay, (Credit)
    Andrea McIver, (Credit)
    Richard Pfeil (Pass)
    Helen Stocker (Credit)


    “Your certificates and badges will be presented to you at the AGM in November”

    And this from Andrew Cornwall

    “Many Congratulations to all those who took their Basic Assessment this year. Another Full House of Passes and Credits. Well done to you all!
    And thanks also to Colin Clement and Jim Cooper who deserve much credit for all their work tutoring on the hives & helping me in the Weekly Theme sessions.
    Next year you’ll get the chance to either have a go at co-tutoring a Beginner’s hive or joining an Improver’s hive, under the joint direction of Vince Gallo & Mike Hill.
    Thank you for being such a challenging and engaged group. You’ve kept me on my toes with your questions!
    Many Congratulations again! Your hard work obviously paid off. You are now Beekeepers, no longer mere keepers of bees.”

    Finally thanks, and well done to Andrew Cornwall and all the hive tutors for another great job with the Education Programme and once again to Celia Perry & Bob Maurer for providing the Mock Assessment experience.

    Exams may not necessarily be the reason why people take up bee-keeping, but it is hoped that some of the candidates will want to go on and try either the Modules or the General Husbandry, or maybe both, in due course.

    For more info on ‘life after the Basic’ Click here.

    Summer BBQ CANCELLED – Saturday 13th July

    Unfortunately, despite high hopes and improving weather, the resurrection of what used to be our regular celebration of summer for members, families and friends alike has not achieved the response and support needed to make it a viable event..

    Therefore with regret, and apologies to the few that had signed up for it, our Barbie planned for the evening of Saturday 13th July is cancelled.

    The event has in the past provided a great opportunity to enjoy each others company; exchange anecdotes about your summer of beekeeping; enjoy the ambiance of Henfold Copse … and perhaps show family and friends for the first time where it is you disappear to midweek and return kippered. 

    Maybe Next Year, when we can also celebrate the 10th Anniversary of our moving into the Henfold Copse site.

    Look out for a date for this NOTEABLE event in 2020.

    Module Passes

    Thumbs_UpCongratulations to Keith Mackie and Trevor Keast for their achievements in the November 2018 sessions of BBKA Written Module Examinations.

    • Keith was successful in passing Module 1, Honeybee Management.
    • Trevor was successful in passing both Module 1, Honeybee Management and Module 2, Honeybee Products & Forage. 



    Tidy Up Henfold Day – Fantastic Response


    What a fantastic response to my appeal for help to prepare Henfold Copse for the summer months.

    On Saturday 16th March 2019 some 30 or so members turned out to participate in the big Tidy-Up exercise:

    Collecting debris from all over the site
    Cutting back the hedges along our borders
    Clearing away a fallen tree
    Having a bonfire
    Moving a huge pile of horsed manure
    Cleaning the gutters on the Pavilion
    Washing the plastic chairs and table
    Painting preservative on the wooden benches
    Introducing our facilities and bees to visitors who have attended RBKA’s Beginners Course
    Preparing and serving bacon butties, soup, tea and coffee

    Writing for myself, and I’m sure for all the members and visitors who come to Henfold during the summer, thanks to all those who contributed their time, their effort, their enthusiasm and their support.

    There are a few outstanding tasks and the membership will be asked for volunteers again shortly.

    Andrew Buchanan

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    2019 ADM Report

    The BBKA’s 2019 Annual Delegates Meeting was held at Myton School, Myton Road, Warwick, CV34 6PJ

    The delegate for Surrey BKA was Bob Maurer, Chairman of Surrey BKA (& Reigate Committee Member).

    Bob has prepared the following report …   

    BBKA ADM. 12th January 2019

    Report for Surrey BKA

    Meeting opened at 10.30am by BBKA President Margaret Murdin (MM).

    Minutes silence for Beekeepers who passed away in 2018. Sylvia Chamberlain, Alan Johnson. William Mundy, Phil McCabe, Ian Craig, Gerald Moxon

    4 tellers appointed – staff from the BBKA office. MM praised the office staff and commented about how often the staff are abused on the telephone. All calls are now recorded so that action can be taken against perpetrators.

    Apologies for absence from Sharon Blake, Martin Tovey, David Aston, David Charles.

    Standing orders adopted. 8 delegates absent. Currently 74 Area Associations so 66 voting members in the room. Total of 23,761 votes available. [Read more…]

    Break-In at Henfold

    Not at all my first ‘End of Year Message’ I ever anticipated or wanted to be having to make as your Chairman, but regrettably I have to report that our Henfold Copse apiary was targeted by mindless opportunistic vandals during Thursday evening (20th December).

    Little of value was actually taken and the hives were untouched, but damage was caused to an unused stock gate, the pavilion and one of the containers (No 2).

    This has been a great shock to those of us first alerted and responding as we were able to the incident during Friday morning. I am at least able to advise that it appears our losses are confined to the ‘BeeHive’ tea & biscuits money box, including any cash it contained; cash from payments for packets of crisps; the contents of a sugar caddie tipped onto the floor, a tin of biscuits and a few smashed jars of honey. Much more significant is the damage to the pavilion building itself and some items of furniture.

    Initial attempts to break into the pavilion were possibly attempted with a spade to lever open the double doors.

    The blade of the spade was bent and its handle broken in the process.

    Access was then achieved by smashing trough the wooden panel of one of the main doors.

    The three metal cupboards within, and rooms off, the main pavilion space appear to have been only superficially searched, with no indication to date of anything being taken; other than the items and cash already noted.

    It can only be presumed that frustration at not finding anything the vandals might have valued was expressed by causing further damage to what we valued. Glazing in some windows and the main doors have been smashed using our ‘queue barrier’ post stands as battering rams; numerous holes have been punched through the plasterboard on walls and ceiling; light panels pulled down; tables tossed around and damaged; and a wall hung heater wrecked in the process. [Read more…]

    Honey Sold well at Reigate’s Late Night Shopping Event

    During the evening of Thursday 6th December, Anna Slade led a band of our beekeepers in setting up and operating the ‘Pop-Up Shop’ outdoor stall at this years Reigate Late Night Christmas Shopping Evening event, organised by the Reigate Business Guild.

    And a successful evening was enjoyed by all in selling Honey and Candles from 5pm through to 9pm.

    Although a quieter event than last year’s Christmas Street Fair in Dorking … with over 60 Reigate shops to be open during the evening, and the Pop-Up Shop in a prime and familiar location by the Old Town Hall in front of the Tunnel Road … a good level of footfall was anticipated.

    In addition to a stock of Reigate’s Surrey Honey from Henfold, eight individual members had also provided a range of honey and candles, all of which were very pleasantly displayed on the stall, complete with fairy lights.    [Read more…]

    2018 AGM of Surrey BKA’s Reigate Division – Report

    The 2018 Annual General Meeting of Reigate Beekeepers, a Division of the Surrey Beekeepers Association, was convened at the Woodhatch Centre, Reigate, on the 14th November 2018. 

    Attended by 37 Members, the meeting commenced at 7:30pm, with a welcome address provided by outgoing Chairman Andrew Buchanan, who extended a particular welcome to Mike Hill our President, and to Bob Maurer, a Reigate member and a past Chairman as well as being the present Chairman of the Surrey Beekeepers Association.

    Chairman’s Report

    After providing a brief summary of his Chairman’s AGM Report, circulated to the meeting and previously published on the Members Website; Andrew Buchanan recalled the years he has been closely involved with Reigate Beekeepers as Treasurer, Quartermaster and for the last four years as Chairman.

    In those times he had been part of and led the team in the eventual move to Henfold and the building of the pavilion. Andrew expressed his grateful thanks for those who have supported him as Chairman and in stepping down from the role, wished the new Chairman every success.

    Treasurer’s Report

    [Read more…]

    2018 Honey Show Results & Report

    Our Annual Beekeeping and Honey Show this year, broke with recent convention by being held in Dorking for a change, later in October than it has ever been held and due to the venue being in use by others during the preceding Friday evening, it was necessary to do all the setting-up during the early morning of show day itself … 20th October in the Dorking Christian Centre. 

    But fear not, it all worked thanks to the great cooperation of the many members who started  arriving at the appointed 6:30 am and continued to arrive to variously help set up, bring Show Exhibits, drop off materials and stock for the sales stalls, or to help during the day in the halls.   

    Let’s start with the winners of the 2018 Honey Show Trophies…

    [Read more…]

    Waitrose Tokens for RBKA – Good News !

    The little Green Tokens poured into the collection box in Dorking during August.

    The Waitrose Community Matters ‘Green Token Project’ at their Dorking Branch, for which RBKA was one of the three potential beneficiaries during August to share a £1000 donation has yielding RBKA a fine total of …


    We might have to wait a couple of months to receive the donation from Waitrose. However efforts will be made to arrange at least a mock presentation in the Waitrose store during early October … and promote our Beekeeping & Honey Show in the process.

    Thanks to all members, families & friends who helped towards filling up the RBKA box so effectively … and thanks to Waitrose, their customers and all the fine folk of Dorking.

    What’s it all about?

    Each month every Waitrose branch donates £1,000 between 3 local good causes that customers choose. Throughout August, RBKA members, families and friends were all encouraged to buy at least some of their weekly needs from the Dorking branch. Shoppers receive a token to place in a box near the lift to the carpark for the good cause they would most like to support … ie Reigate Beekeepers of course. The more tokens RBKA got, the bigger the proportion of that £1000 donation we received.

    By placing a token in the Community Matters box at your local branch you’re helping your community. Since its launch in 2008, the scheme has donated £14 million to local charities chosen by customers.

    Autumn Bee Clinics 2018 – 8th & 15th August

    This autumn the health clinic operate from the pavilion during two Wednesday evening meetings in August.

    Bob Maurer reports here on the general results of his team’s findings.

    We ran adult bee disease clinics focusing on nosema on 8th and 15th August at Henfold Lane, during which 49 samples were tested including 18 from RBKA apiaries.

    10 samples were positive

    •  3 samples had light infection

    •  5 medium 

    •  2 heavy

    Of the 18 samples tested from RBKA hives, there were two positives, both with medium infection. 

    20.41% of all the samples were showing positive.

    [Read more…]