BeeCraft & BBKA News Article Search Tool

Have you got stacks of past editions of BeeCraft and BBKA News that you have kept because within the hundreds of articles they contain will be many you WILL want to re-read at some time? 

And then when you do need to urgently find an article NOW, you have no idea where to start looking.

Mary Wynn has laboured long and hard through her own collection of the magazines to compile a data base and handy search tool of articles considered to be useful.

That data base is now being made available to all RBKA members.

The on-line database currently includes over 300 articles that can be found in the printed pages of BeeCraft and BBKA News edistion, from 2016 to present day.

Key word searches can be directly for Article titles or by Categories of articles, eg:

  1. A year in the apiary
  2. Basics
  3. Colony manipulation
  4. Education
  5. Health, diseases and pests
  6. Pollen and nectar
  7. Products
  8. Swarming

Try it out. And finally be able to demonstrate to your other half that it really was worth keeping all those magazines.

Mary is also happy to add any members favourite articles from the two publications that are not already included in the data base. Just let Mary know the Edition, Page and Title. Meanwhile Mary will continue to add interesting newly published articles.

NDB Short Course – Adult Bee Diseases

RBKA Member Adam Leitch NDB  and Kent Beekeeper Bob Smith NDB are running a microscopy and disease workshop at Henfold on the Sat. 7th and Sun. 8th March 2020.

This 2 day course is subsidised by DEFRA under the Health Bees Plan and is the last one due to the cessation of the subsidy* in March.

The course concentrates on the common adult bee diseases, principally Nosema, Acarine, Amoeba and certain viruses.

The purpose is to send students away having increased their understanding of the causes of these diseases, having practised their diagnosis, and able to make informed recommendations as to treatment options. We will discuss the nature and life cycle of the causative organisms to understand in detail how, where and why the diseases take hold. Treatments old and new are discussed and compared, including non-chemical management techniques. Some general anatomy is covered so it is ideal for any students undertaking the BBKA Microscopy, General & Advanced Husbandry or Module 3/5.

 * Early-bird bookings for students from England & Wales are discounted to £88, standard bookings are £103

The course is of interest to all beekeepers mixing theory, anatomy, microscope work and disease knowledge. The course can be booked via the NDB Website or on the link below. Just 10 places are available.  

BBKA Spring Convention 2020 – 3rd to 5th April

Harper Adams University, Newport, Shropshire TF10 8NB

 Lectures, Workshops, Seminars and Trade Show

Latest Information is here

For a taste of what you missed at the 2019 event: Click here to view the 2019 programme

You can find out what people liked about the show here: What the beekeepers say – 2019

And details of where they came from etc can be found here: Spring Convention Feedback


BBKA Honey Bee Health Certificate – RBKA Study Group 2019

To facilitate RBKA members taking the Honey Bee Health Certificate next year, plans have been drawn up to use the pavilion at Henfold for a study group to get to grips with the theory side of the syllabus.

Convenor: Andrew Cornwall, RBKA Education Coordinator

Target Membership:

Primary requirement:

Only open to RBKA Members (any category of membership) who already hold the BBKA Basic assessment.


Any member who would like to understand more about honey bee pests & diseases and take this stand alone certificate (N.B. NOT part of the route to Master Beekeeper);


Any member who is planning on taking the BBKA General Husbandry assessment within the next two years.

Meeting Dates: [Read more…]

Vote for RBKA in Nationwide Community Match

Nationwide logoDuring last year, our Grants Funding team worked at submitting often very detailed applications and appeals to a wide range of organisations and businesses; seeking support for Reigate Beekeepers’ in the building and fitting out of our Pavilion facilities. 

One of those applications has now bourne some fruit.

Reigate Beekeepers’ has been nominated by Nationwide to vie for a top award of £500 against two other local charities. If we win, this award will be added to the £100 already awarded by having being nominated.

The selection by Nationwide of only nine of their many branches in the region to offer customers the opportunity to vote for us, appears a little arbitrary. But if any of the nine branches are near you, please do pop in and vote, regularly, during the next 3 months. The Dorking, Horley and Redhill branches should be particularly convenient for some.

Download and print a flyer to pass onto friends, or display at your workplace etc… Click here.

Information about each of the three charities that can be voted for is to be displayed in each listed branch on Nationwide Community Match posters. Voting is via tokens that are readily available from bins in the branch and just need to be dropped into the correct charities bin. You don’t need to be a Nationwide account holder to participate and you can vote more than once. [Read more…]

Building Progress in Pictures

Progress icon

Follow the progress down at Henfold Copse as the Pavilion emerges from the very ground.

New images following the progress will be added as they become available …

  • All was pristine and green in late October (2014)
  • Then the Ceespool tank arrived at the end of October.
  • The ground was excavated for the foundations (you REALLY do not want to see those pictures) and the concrete slab was poured by mid November.
  • Generous funding enabled the building shell to be ordered later in November.
  • Erection of the walls commences before the end of January.
  • Roof joists are added during early February.
  • By mid February the roof is tiled and the structure is water tight.
  • During the big Tidy-Up Day on 21st March many hands applied some tlc
  •  … the journey continues

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Reigate Beekeepers EGM – 3rd December 2014

EGM Logo

Notice of an


Wednesday 3rd December 2014

commencing 7.30pm at Woodhatch Community Centre, Whitebeam Drive, Woodhatch, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 7LS

The Committee seeks the approval of the meeting to proceed to the next phase of development at the Reigate Beekeepers Association Apiary at Henfold Copse, Henfold Lane, Beare Green, namely to erect the shell of the Training Facilities Building.

The EGM’s proceedings will be followed promptly by the scheduled Winter Meeting.

Reigate Beekeepers EGM – 3rd September 2014

EGM Logo

Notice of an


Wednesday 3rd September 2014

commencing 7.30pm at Woodhatch Community Centre, Whitebeam Drive, Woodhatch, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 7LS

The Committee seeks the approval of the meeting to proceed to the next phase of development at the Reigate Beekeepers Association Apiary at Henfold Copse, Henfold Lane, Beare Green, namely to lay the foundations for the Training Facilities Building and to install drainage facilities.

The EGM’s proceedings will be followed promptly by the scheduled Winter Meeting.

Not successful – but THANKS to all who Voted RBKA

Heart of the Community logoDuring much of October, public postal and text voting was open, in competition for a slice of funding from the local Heart of the Community 2013 Awards. 

Andrew Cornwall had successfully entered our Education Space Project as a potential candidate in the Environmental category, and since the voting closed, the result had been awaited ….

[Read more…]

New Project Name – new Focus on Grant Funding

Training__Resources_square_blueNow that we have all-weather access to the apiary, the development of Henfold Copse is moving on to the next stage which is raising funds for the purchase and erection of the building that will house the indoor education facility at the apiary.

The grant application process is being coordinated by Celia Perry and Andrew Cornwall, who have this message and a few requests …

In the weeks and months to come you will see us referring to the ‘Education Space Project’ Virtual pavilion Dec 2012at meetings, in BeeNews articles and in posts on both this website and our public website. This is the new working title of the initiative to raise the necessary funds for the new building and [Read more…]

Project Pavilion – April 2013 Update

New Causeway 2So finally … the sun came out !

Work on the ‘Causeway’ and ‘Parking Area’ had been placed on hold last month. The ground needed to drain and dry out sufficiently to permit completion of this first element of the project. After 2 weeks of waiting, a re-start date was agreed and guess what – it rained!

Not to be deterred, the construction personnel ignored the weather and as you can see above and below, completed the job the day before our cold-weather-delayed first meeting, on [Read more…]

Project Pavilion – March 2013 Update

IMG_0004My last update was titled ‘No More Muddy Access’.

Well, for this month’s update, you can simply add:   ‘…but not quite yet’.

Construction of the ‘causeway’ across the paddock started on the 7th March and was progressing exactly according to plan until Thursday 14th March.

Then the rains came!

By the planned completion date on Friday 22nd March, only the substrate and one layer of top surface had been laid.

Bearing in mind the immediate forecast of yet more rain, it was decided to [Read more…]

Project Pavilion – January 2013 Update

Road Works AheadNo More Muddy Access … soon. The first step in the Pavilion Project is now in hand !

Having received permission to develop Henfold Copse (see December 2012 bulletin below), the ‘critical path’ of our plan identified the need to create a stable pathway across the paddock as the first priority.

Research of the various types and methods of construction, and their costs, led to invitations being made to local ‘groundwork’ companies being invited to specify and cost their solutions.

Your Committee has accepted an affordable quotation, which (weather permitting), will see a new ‘Causeway’ in place in time for the first Summer Meeting on Wednesday 3rd April.

Andrew Buchanan.

Trade Skills Required

Virtual pavilion Dec 2012During the course of the Pavilion Project, it is anticipated that significant cost savings can be acheived by tapping into the Memberships broad range of building & DIY skills, expertise and experience.

[Read more…]

Project Pavilion – December 2012 Update

road_works_aheadDetailed planning, not only of the building, but also to create a stable pathway across the paddock commences.

The next set of objectives will be to identify the  ‘critical path’ through the many technical aspects of the development, and to gain Grant Funding. Financing may be expected to impose the greatest influence upon the overall length of the project.

Is is also hoped that members who have ‘especially relevant’ knowledge, experience, skill and interest will be willing and able to step up to help with many aspects of the work to be undertaken. To reduce the necessity of employing costly external professionals, we would like to establish a ‘Task Force’ of members who would like to actively contribute to the project. See the post, Trade Skills Required for current details/needs.

One way in which all visiting members to Henfold Copse can be of great help, will be in accepting that throughout the development there will be areas of the Apiary and the entrance track that will be a mess! It’s difficult to make an omelet without breaking an egg.

Regardless, every effort will be made to carry on with all our Apiary activities.

Andrew Buchanan

Project Pavilion – November 2012 Update

Virtual pavilion Dec 2012The Planning Application to ‘Erect a single storey wooden clubhouse and lay 4m wide surfacing along part of access way from the main entrance…’ was submitted during September 2012 and Granted in November by Mole Valley District Council.

The development approved was assessed against the National Planning Policy Framework Section 9, Mole Valley Core Strategy policy CS14, Mole Valley Local Plan policies ENV22 and REC11, and material considerations, including third-party representation. It was concluded that the development, subject to the conditions imposed, would accord with the development plan and there were no other material considerations to justify a refusal of permission.

The expertise and advice given by Erica Maurer undoubtedly contributed to the smooth progression and acceptance of our application. Work now starts in earnest to raise the necessary funding for this project.

Andrew Buchanan

Project Pavillion – April 2012 Kick Off

Project proposalDuring a VERY wet Wednesday evening, an EGM had been called by your Committee.

Membership approval was sought and given to proceed with applying for Planning Permission and to construct a Training Facility Building at the Henfold Copse Apiary.