DIY Foundation Press

16a photo 1Like many beekeepers, at the end of the season Geoff Blay found himself with a large quantity of beeswax trimmings together with a lot of very sticky equipment and the question arose as to what to do with it all.

His first idea was to make a large number of candles. But then having used up most of the wax, it accurred to him that there was a much better use – namely, to make a press that could turn blocks of wax into fresh sheets of beeswax foundation.

So Geoff had a go anyway;  recording the stages of construction … and eventual testing … in pictures. He then added a few words to describe what the pictures were showing.

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Making and using a homemade Foundation Press

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Arnia Remote Hive Monitors

home-imacClick the link below to read my brief blog which gives more details and photographs of my experiences of installing and using the monitoring system.

Arnia Hive Monitoring Blog 

Arnia - Monitoring Icons 25th May'14BeeNews Article the following article appeared in the February 2015 edition of BeeNews.

In April last year I decided to invest in the Arnia remote monitoring system for my three hives. I was attracted by the concept and the thought that I might learn more about my bees.

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DIY Projects

DIY BeeScroll down this page to see a collection of articles about beekeeping items and improvements that you can easily make yourself, mostly from recycled materials and at a low cost.

These articles  were originally published in BeeNews.


DIY Project



Make a Queen Cage May 2013 Click here
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Make a Queen Cage

Dennis - Queen Cage (2)A Queen Cage is an important item to have in your beekeeper’s toolkit, particularly when undertaking a hive inspection.

This article by Dennis Chow explains how to make a robust and easy to use cage from recycled bit and pieces. 

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Make a Frame Holder

Frame HolderHygiene is an essential in any apiary.

This article by Dennis Chow explains how to make a simple wire holder to keep your removed frame away from ground contamination whilst you undertake an inspection.

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Make a Queen Mating Box

Queen Mating BoxRearing and successfully mating a queen is the crux of survival for any colony.

This article by Dennis Chow describes how to make a sophisticated queen mating box from recycled materials and how to rear your own mated queens.

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Make an Asian Hornet Trap

Asian HornetIf this pest ever reaches our area we will need all the defences we can produce.

This article describes how to make and use an effective hornet trap for your apiary.


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Frame Runner Modification

Frame Runner ModificationKeeping your frame runners clean can be time consuming.

This article by Dennis Chow describes a simple modification can make this necessary maintenance a little easier to undertake.

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Watch Your Bees Feeding

Modified FeederWatching bees is a fascinating way to relax .

This article by Dennis Chow describes how to modify an Ashworth or Miller feeder so that you can see your bees feeding.

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Make a Simple Feeder

Bee FeederHow often have you wished you had another feeder for your bees ?

This article by Vince Gallo describes how to make a simple, low cost feed from a recycled container.

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Make a Simple Wasp Trap

WaspWasps can be a problem in the apiary, particularly in the Autumn when robbing make take place.

This article explains how to make a simple trap from a waste bottle and types of bait to attract the wasps.

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Make a Mesh Woodpecker Guard

Mesh Woodpecker GuardProtecting your hives from woodpecker damage is an important part of winter preparations..

This article by Richard Bradfield describes how to make a low cost, flexible and easy to use guard.

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Make a Bee Escape

Bee Escape Four-wayUsing a bee escape is an essential part of preparing to harvest your honey.

This article by Dennis Chow describes how to make a simple and effective escape and explains its use.

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Make an Observation Hive

adams20080601013LargeObservation hives are expensive to buy, but with a little determination and skill you can make your own.

This article shows a rather good example made by Dennis Chow.

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Make a Snelgrove Board

Snelgrove BoardMaking a Snelgrove Board is very easy.

This article is based on John Tait’s guidance in the Scottish Beekeepers newsletter.


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More than an Eke

EkeAn Eke is very simple to make but has multiple uses.

This article by Dennis Chow explains how make an eke and some of the many benefits.

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Make a Honey Warming Cabinet

Honey Warming CabinetRecycle a redundant fridge and prevent your honey crystallising.

This article explains how simple it is to adapt that old fridge.

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