Chairman’s View – September 2022


As this extraordinary Summer season of beekeeping draws to a close this month, I trust that your own efforts have been fruitful, at least educational, and certainly interesting.

Our final Summer Wednesday evening meeting will be on the 7th September, after which we enter into Monthly Winter meeting mode.

The first of these Winter meetings will be on the 12th October, inside the pavilion at Henfold, when we will be introduced to Honey Ferments and Jun Kombucha. Annie Simpkins a recent new member, will present how to ferment garlic, ginger, and a wide variety of fruits in honey.  Find out what an oxymel is and how to make Jun Kombucha – a fermented green tea sweetened with honey.  Samples and tastings of a wide variety of these products will be available.

The November meeting, on Wednesday the 2nd in the Henfold pavilion will be dedicated to our AGM and Presentation of Honey Show trophies and Beekeeping Qualification certificates. Formal Notice and details of the proceedings will be circulated very soon.

December sees Reigate Beekeepers hosting the SBKA’s own AGM on Saturday the 3rd, that is Open to all Members of SBKA’s Divisions. The formal business of reports and election of Officers & Trustees, is followed by a buffet and then a talk. This year VInce Gallo will be presenting a new and sure to be entertaining talk on Bee Behavior.

And if you miss the talk on the 3rd, or want a repeat, Vince will be presenting again, to us at our December Winter meeting on the 7th, but without the buffet.   

More details of the Winter Talks programme are in this months BeeNews and will be added to the website and kept updated as needed.

Meanwhile, THIS month we have a Bees& Beekeeping show to present to the public, and then not one but four Honey Show bench competitions in which you can ALL participate.

If you have not already offered and can help with the Bees & Beekeeping show in Dorking on the 10th September, do contact me directly, we could do with a few more members to support activities on stands, stalls and displays.

And entering into the Honey Show bench competitions is both fun another beekeeping learning experience.  Details are elsewhere on the Members website HERE   

Congratulations to ALL who contributed to this season’s record breaking harvest of Honey from RBKA’s apiaries.  With a few more supers still to be extracted, and including the spring extractions from Buckland and Brockham apiaries, the current total honey crop for the year is an amazing 2120lbs (961Kg).  Huge thanks to Richard Ramsden for the contributions from Brockham (1037lbs) and Buckland (607lbs) under his management (and most of the extraction); to Mary & Jim Wynn for the returning to form by Mickleham with 200lbs;  and for the useful bonus from Henfold’s colonies with 276 lbs … thanks to all the hive groups, mentors and to Karen & Simon Ford’s overseeing.  And more thanks to those members that have helped with the extraction, principally of the Henfold & Micklemham honey.

Well done Team RBKA.  

Richard Bradfield
30th August 2022
mob: 07923 600266


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