Winter Talks Programme 2021/22 Schedule


Our RBKA On-Line Winter Talks Programme commenced in October … with monthly Evening Wednesday meetings either via online Zoom or in the pavilion at Henfold Apiary … every first Wednesday of the month through to and including March 2022




Wednesday October 6th (via Zoom).

A talk by Dr Joe Woodgate

Queen Mary University of London

– Do drone congregation areas really exist?

… What can radar tracking tell us about drone congregation areas?

Wednesday November 3rd from 7:30pm at Henfold Apiary

RBKA Annual General Meeting

Honey Show Awards

Presentation of Qualification Certificates.

Wednesday December 1st from 7:00pm via Zoom

A talk by Professor Jamie Ellis

University of Florida

– What is killing our bees

… and what can we do about it?

Wednesday January 5th from 7:00pm via Zoom

A talk by Professor Patricia Wiltshire

– Pollen and Spores:

their importance in criminal investigation

Wednesday, February 2nd from 7:00pm via Zoom

A talk by Dr Norman Carreck,

University of Sussex

– IPM and varroa control

Each RBKA OnLine ‘meeting’ will commence promptly at the scheduled time, proceeded only by a very few minutes of general notices and announcements. Do aim to log into the Zoom conference at last 5 to 10 minutes before the published start time to ensure you are not ‘crowded out’ by others of the 100 participant limit, and to ensure video & audio settings are working OK … and to not miss any announcements and introductions.

All event details and timings remain subject to amendment at short notice. Keep in touch by referring back to the Members Website. 

Wednesday March 2nd from 7:00pm at Henfold Apiary

Part 1: Presentation by Steve Riley,

from Westerham Branch of Kent Beekeepers,

– Non-Treatment for Varroa … an update.

Following up on Steve’s talk to us in 2019

Part 2: An informal “Gathering” of Members

–  Topical issues discussed in open forums.

NOTE – this will be a real meeting in the Henfold Pavilion, following appropriate Covid protocols, and will not be recorded. 


  1. Congratulations to all concerned for last night’s talk, particularly to the speaker Steve Riley, for a well prepared and instructive talk.
    As an older beekeeper who can well recall the despair we once had after the arrival of Varroa, it was good to hear that our bees are now beginning to cope with this pest.
    And I liked the methods described by the speaker to help the bees achieve this.
    I also agree with him that it is illogical and inconsistent for beekeepers to oppose agricultural use of pesticides while themselves using miticides on their colonies.
    However, I do not share his refusal to take swarms, which often come from feral colonies, healthy enough to throw swarms, and which often prove themselves (1) as having learned to cope with Varroa, and (2) being also (surprisingly?) gentle.
    [The late Eddie Webster often made the above two statements in favor of feral colonies.]
    In any case, one can always replace a Queen from a swarm with another one if the original proves unsatisfactory.

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