Summer Season Programme 2021 Schedule – update

Our Summer Season commenced during April with RBKA On-Line activities.

The Basic Assessment Study Group commenced weekly online meetings on Tuesday 6th April, at 7pm, with subsequent sessions each Monday at 7pm.

The first phase (all on-line) of Weekly Summer Members Meetings provided live inspections of a colony beamed via Zoom followed by Q&A’s.

The current second phase is providing the opportunity for the Basic Assessment Study Group to conduct colony inspections with Hive Tutors; as well as maintaining on-line Zoom meetings for Q&A’s and exchanges of advice and guidance for all other members to participate in.

Summer (all) Members Wednesday Eve. Meetings

Commencing initially via Zoom promptly on-line at 6:30pm from 7th April (rain, shine, snow, or gale)

From 19th May, Hive Tutors and participating members of the Basic Assessment Study Group commenced attending the Henfold Apiary to conduct Wednesday evening colony inspections.

From the 26th May, the meeting beamed live from Henfold will commence for all at 6:30pm.

After Shout-Out announcemnts are presented to all members; both online and those at the apiary: –

  • The On-Line virtual meeting will continue with general Q&A’s and topical discussions until ~7:30pm.
  • The Basic’s Study Group and their Tutors will (weather permitting) move off to the hives.
    • If too wet, the Basics Group and Tutors would be able to join the online discussion from the pavilion.

From 23rd June (subject to Covid restrictions being lifted) it is hoped that Henfold can be opened to all Members wishing to participate in colony inspection groups and as Hive Tutors. Concurrent online meetings are likely to need to be suspended at this point, unless and until found to be required again.

Pre-registration of attendees are expected to be required for the initial weeks of open apiary meetings to manage allocation to Hive Inspection groups, and subsequently to manage overall numbers and compliance with any remaining social distancing requirements.

Final scheduled meeting will be 29th September.

Zoom log in details will be circulated to all Members as required.

Basic Assessment Study Group (Monday Eve.)

Via Zoom commencing at 7pm Colin Clement and Jim Wynn have divided the syllabus into weekly themes.

  • The themes <here> and syllabus <here> are set out.
  • A list of resources are provided <here>
  • Guidance aims to be consistent with our own ‘Reigate Way’ <here>

Participants DO NOT have to buy anything as most advice is available, free, online including a great knowledge base on our own website. More information will be provided as and when.

Contact to enquire about joining the group and for Zoom Log-in invitation details.

Each RBKA OnLine ‘meeting’ will commence promptly at the scheduled time, proceeded only by a very few minutes of general notices and announcements. Do aim to log into the Zoom conference 5 to 10 minutes before the published start time to ensure your video and audio settings are working OK and to not miss any announcements and introductions.

All event details and timings remain subject to amendment at short notice. Keep in touch by referring back to the Members Website. 

No Zoom Meeting Invitation or Log-in Details?

  • Please check your email spam folder(s).
  • Not there either?
    • Are you a paid-up member for the current RBKA year Oct 2020 – Sept 2021?
      • Yes – email our Zoom Manager, Jim Wynn to have the details resent.
      • No – please contact our Membership Secretary, Sue Hickson to remedy.

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