RBKA On-Line Meetings – Usage Guidance

The power of on-line Video and/or Audio conferencing is being utilised to bring RBKA’s Education Programme … and more … direct to you in your home.

To help you the get the most from the the experience, Jim Wynn has produced a few guidelines, tips and examples of the Zoom screens you will encounter.

Click on the PDF icon to download and open the presentation.  

Look for emails from RBKA-online@hotmail.com arriving in your Inbox during the weeks ahead.

They will be providing invitations and unique links to conference sessions.

Due to the increased frequency with which we will be needing to circulate virtual meeting invitations and notices to all our members by email, Reigate Beekeepers has commenced using Mailchimp as a secure means of storing and using an email circulation list derived from our Membership records. Please be assured that we will continue to ONLY use email addresses that you have provided in the communication of Reigate Beekeepers activities and events.




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