BBKA Honey Bee Health Certificate – RBKA Study Group 2019

To facilitate RBKA members taking the Honey Bee Health Certificate next year, plans have been drawn up to use the pavilion at Henfold for a study group to get to grips with the theory side of the syllabus.

Convenor: Andrew Cornwall, RBKA Education Coordinator

Target Membership:

Primary requirement:

Only open to RBKA Members (any category of membership) who already hold the BBKA Basic assessment.


Any member who would like to understand more about honey bee pests & diseases and take this stand alone certificate (N.B. NOT part of the route to Master Beekeeper);


Any member who is planning on taking the BBKA General Husbandry assessment within the next two years.

Meeting Dates:

  1. Thursday 10 January 2019  (NB: this is a revised date)
  2. Wednesday 23 January 2019
  3. Wednesday 13 February 2019
  4. Wednesday 27 February 2019
  5. Wednesday 13 March 2019


All, 7.00pm for 7.30pm start, finishing about 9.00pm


The Pavilion, Henfold


FREE. This is covered by your RBKA membership fee.

There will be a ‘Service Charge’ of £10 per head, to cover tea/coffee & biscuits & heating; payable up front.


The 5 meetings will be going through the syllabus & agreeing on what we think are the salient points for everyone to learn. We’ll go through the syllabus point by point, constructing study notes for the use of those involved and eventually to be put on the RBKA’s member’s website for future students. If possible, once we’ve gone through the syllabus, there will be a chance to practice the manipulations required in the syllabus, using empty boxes etc. in the pavilion.

Once the active season starts, we hope to organise practice disease inspections & manipulations in the apiary, under the tutelage of our Master Beekeepers. Hopefully, this can be done as a group session, followed by individual training.


This will NOT be a taught programme, until we get out into the apiary once the active season starts. Andrew will be facilitating the group and will take charge of compiling the study notes, but will NOT be teaching. Any queries generated by the study group will be directed in the 1st place by Andrew to our Master Beekeepers for expert opinions.


  1. If you would like to join in, please let Andrew know.
  2. Andrew has already drafted some study notes, just to get us started. However, volunteers are needed to take on 1 or 2 syllabus points. For which they will produce some notes and links to useful sources of info. to present to the group.

…. to contact Andrew Cornwall. 


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