Reigate Beekeepers Honey Show 2013: Competition Results & Report


A late rush of entries saw 40 members submitting 169 individual competition entries in 23 Classes this year.

The Honey Show Secretary, Celia Perry,  provides her report here, followed by a list of the Trophy Winners, a gallery of photos taken on the day, and a complete listing of placed entries for all the classes.

Honey Show Report

The venue this year at Reigate Priory School Gym was better for the entries in the Honey Show. Firstly it meant that members didn’t have to struggle to move the show stands upstairs and secondly it meant that visitors could see the entries and the judging going on even if they didn’t know who had won for some time.

The foul weather on Friday night meant that some entries came in rather damp, but fortunately the weather had picked up by the following day.

We had a very full show bench. There were 169

entries, but ‘on the day’ several entries were not submitted for a variety of reasons.

Fortunately the judges Mike and Liz Duffin who had driven all the way from the New Forest, rose to the challenge of the record number of entries and completed judging in record time.

Congratulations to the many winners and in particular to Bob Maurer who won the Blue Ribbon for Best in Show for his block of beeswax and to Malcolm Fry who won the Reigate cup for most points in show.

If you are wondering what the Blue Ribbon is all about; when a Honey Show has 100 entries or more, the Judge is asked to decide on the Best Exhibit in Show. The Blue Ribbon is given by the National Honey Show and entitles the winner to free entry to ‘The National’ this year. So, thank you to the National Honey Show for this award and also for the Novice Award made to Andrew Boagey for first prize in the Novice Class.

The cups will be presented at the AGM in November.

Next year we will be implementing a system for collection of entries when the show closes, so that people take home the correct exhibit and not that of someone else!

Celia Perry

Trophy Winners

Presentations of Trophies will be made at the AGM on 13th November.

Blue RibbonBlue Ribbon awarded to Bob Maurer

for ‘Best in Show’ entry, Class 8, Beeswax

IMG_1300Reigate Cup awarded to Malcolm Fry

for ‘Most Points in Show’

IMG_1302Tanner Cup awarded to Andrew Boagey

for 1st place in Class 1/2, Light or Medium Honey

IMG_1306W-J Cup – not awarded

( Class 4, Soft Set Honey)

IMG_1311Novice Trophy awarded to Andrew Boagey

for 1st place in Class 5, Novices

IMG_1303J.M.B. Cup awarded to Chris Peers

for 1st place in Class 6, Cut Comb

IMG_1309Redhill Cup awarded to Maggie Minter

for 1st place in Class 7, Mead

IMG_1307Bramshaw Cup awarded to Andrew Boagey

for 1st place in Class 10, A Comb for Extraction

IMG_1299Geoff Lewis Plate awarded to Liz Diprose

for 1st place in Class 12. A Honey Cake

IMG_1301Lockett Bowl awarded to Maggie Minter

for 1st place in Class 15, A Group of Products

Honey Show Picture Gallery

During the show the happy snaper was snapping happily at anything that looked snapable. Apologies if not all Competition Class entries or wining entries of Classes were captured.  For photos of the Exhibition and Sales stands and displays … click here.

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Honey Show Results

Class     First       (6 points)   Second    (5 points)    Third      (4 points) Fourth  (3 points) Fifth  (2 points)    Sixth       (1 point)
1 Light Honey Michael  Hill Paul    Cleaver Mary   Hellings
2 Medium Honey Andrew Boagey Bob    Maurer Malcolm Broatch Jack   Chapman Paul    Cleaver
3 Dark Honey Maggie Minter
4 Soft Set Malcolm   Fry Richard Woodhouse Andrew Boagey
5 Novices Andrew Boagey Maggie Bourne  Chris   Peers Malcolm     Fry Gill    Simpson
6 Cut Comb Chris   Peers
7 Mead Maggie Minter     Celia     Perry Malcolm  Fry
8 Beeswax Bob   Maurer Malcolm   Fry Neil    Hallam Andrew Boagey Paul    Cleaver
9 Three Beeswax Bob   Maurer Malcolm   Fry Tom Moremon Paul    Cleaver Pauline & Robin Sparkes Andrew Boagey
10 A Comb for Extraction Andrew Boagey Paul  Cleaver Andrew Buchanan Malcolm   Fry Tom  Moremon
11 The Competition  Comb Paul Cleaver Hive F    Janet     Kay Richard  Stuart Mary    Smith
12 A Honey Cake Liz   Diprose William Boagey Maggie Minter Andrew Buchanan Sue   Hickson Richard Woodhouse
13 Honey Confectionery  Celia    Perry Andrew   Day Pauline & Robin Sparkes
14 Honey Biscuits Andrew Buchanan Gill  Simpson Andrew Boagey Suzy   Stevens Paul   Cleaver Sue   Hickson
15 A Group of Products Maggie Minter Malcolm   Fry Andrew Boagey
16 Gift of Honey Maggie Minter Celia     Perry Andrew Boagey Paul    Cleaver
17 An Interesting Exhibit Sue  Hickson Tom Moremon Neil    Hallam
18 A Photograph Mary   Smith Malcolm   Fry Chris    Peers    Bob      Maurer William Boagey Maggie Minter
19 Four Jars for Sale Malcolm Broatch Jack Chapman Malcolm   Fry Tom  Moremon
20 Two Candles Celia    Perry Malcolm   Fry Paul  Cleaver Andrew Boagey Pauline & Robin Sparkes
21 A Picture or Collage Matthew Bigwood
22 Childrens Photo Matthew Bigwood Georgina Fogarty Ben  Bigwood
23 Decorated Cup Cake Joint 1st: Ben & Matthew Bigwood

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