National Honey Show – Reigate Success

National Honey Show 2013 Results & Awards

The three days of display and judging of the competition entries culminated with awards of trophies by Dr David Aston (Chairman of BBKA) during the afternoon of Saturday 26th October at the St Georges College venue in Weybridge.

And amongst the receivers of awards were Reigate Beekeepers …

  • NHS - DB receiving TrophyAchieving 1st place in the SBKA Class 148 with his ‘One Comb for Extraction, Andrew Boagey received the Hood Chalice trophy.
  • For most points achieved in SBKA Classes 141 – 154, (Honey, Beeswax & Mead) Andrew Boagey was also rewarded with the Coronation Cup.

NHS - BM and CP receiving WJ 1968 Cup

  • The WJ 1968 Cup was retained for a second year by Bob Maurer and Celia Perry for being the Reigate Member(s) with the most points in Open Classes.


Here is the list of places achieved by our trio as well as by our Henfold Apiary, extracted from the full list of National Honey Show results that can be viewed on-line Click here

  • Class   19: Six Jars Honey Produced by a Branch Apiary  [Open to British Isles, inc RoI, and NHS members]

2nd place – Reigate Beekeepers.

  • Class   29: One Piece Beeswax  [Open to British Isles, inc RoI, and NHS members]

3rd place – Bob Maurer

  • Class   40: Metheglin or Melomel Dry or Sweet  [Open to British Isles, inc RoI, and NHS members]

3rd place – Celia Perry

  • Class 142: Two Jars Medium Honey  [Open to SBKA members]

2nd place – Andrew Boagey

Commended – Bob Maurer

  • Class 148: One Comb Suitable for Extracting  [Open to SBKA Members]

1st place – Andrew Boagey

  • Class 149: One piece of Beeswax  [Open to SBKA Members]

1st place – Andrew Boagey

2nd place – Bob Maurer

  • Class 152: One Jar Light or Medium Honey (Gift)  [Open to SBKA Members]

2nd place – Andrew Boagey

  • Class 154: One Jar Naturally Crystallised Honey (Gift)  [Open to SBKA Members]

1st place – Andrew Boagey

Congratulations to all  three individual winners … and to all those that worked to enable prize winning honey to be produced and presented from the hives at Henfold this year.


IMG_1315Meanwhile … over in the separate Trade Hall, the Surrey Beekeepers Association stand included the Reigate Beekeeper’s ‘Food for Foragers’ poster display that had previously featured at our own Honey Show two weeks earlier. The posters complimented the stands Gardening for Bees theme that also included a model garden layout constructed by and borrowed from Penny Perry of the Pinner & Ruislip Beekeepers Association.

The stand was manned throughout the 3 days of the show by volunteers drawn from all the SBKA branches; with Reigate Beekeepers alone numbering 10 of the 40 odd in total.

For more about the 2013 event and for slide shows of photographs capturing the scenes, events and faces from the three days; visit the National Honey Show’s website.  Click here

Anyone else fancy trying their hand at winning next year at the 83rd National Honey Show?  30th October – 1st November 2014

Put the date in your diary. It’s in this sites ‘Diary Dates’ already!

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