Bees Abroad Donation

Bees Abroad logo Our December 2012 raffle and donations for Bees Abroad raised a total of £188. Bob Maurer has received the following message from John Home, Chairman of Bees Abroad.

‘Your recent gift has been assigned to the Bees Abroad work in Kenya. We are currently in the process of setting up a training apiary at the Cheptebo Rural Development Centre in the Kerio Valley. Progress so far during the past year has been the wire fencing of an area and the planting of a live hedge eventually to force the bees to fly high over people and animals. The four Kenya top bar hives we supplied have now become colonised by swarms arriving which is not unusual with migrating bees.
Our need now is to pay bus fares and accommodation (both not expensive by our standards) for David Njuguna, our in country Kenyan voluntary beekeeping trainer, to attend and give practical beekeeping courses in the very near future. This training apiary is located within reach of three Bees Abroad projects and a school that runs an out of hours farming club for pupils to gain skills and remain in the valley. The school now has three hives, two of which have bees.’

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