Headline News

RBKA Training – Mentoring Groups

With the first signs of Spring, we are planning the apiary meetings for Wednesday evenings at Henfold, commencing from the 5th April. Janet Kay has summarized our four mentoring groups that will be lead this year by herself, Colin Clement, Keith Mackie & Trevor Keast. 1. Beginners This group is for new/starting out beekeepers, aimed at people who are in their first year of beekeeping. You probably don’t have your own bees, may never have looked inside a beehive and/or are considering starting with bees later this … [Read More...]


March in Your Apiary

March is forecast (by AccuWeather for Reigate) to be mostly dry, with day time temperatures only reaching into low double figures, of up to 13 degC, during the second two weeks. Not a great prospect for colony inspections unless your hives are in a sunny wind sheltered location. Egg laying will have been prompted by the mild February. But a down turn in conditions will upset the bees planning.  Regardless …. the beekeeping season definitely gets underway in March! March is a critical time for the survival of the colony. Despite the mild February, some colonies may still be close to … [Read More...]

Next Big Events

Spring Bee Health Clinic – 14th May 2023

The next Reigate (Members) Bee Health Clinic will take place on Sunday the 14th May in the Mickleham Village Hall  - same day and place as our Auction event - but from 10am until about 2pm. This is an adult bee disease clinic, and will concentrate on Nosema spp. If time permits, Acarine testing will also be demonstrated, so members can see how it … [Read More...]

BBKA Spring Convention 2023 – 21st to 23rd April

  Ticket sales opened at Noon on 30th January.  For all details go direct to: https://www.bbka.org.uk/spring-convention-2023     … [Read More...]

Reigate Auction of Bees & Beekeeping Equipment – 14th May2023

The date for our annual Auction of Bees and Beekeeping Equipment is set for SUNDAY the 14th May, at the Mickleham apiary and Village Hall. ◊ Lot Registration is now OPEN ◊ Key Dates and Timings: Contact Vince Gallo by the 30th April if you wish to sell bees.  ALL goods should be registered for Auction by Wednesday 10th May.  A … [Read More...]